Hassan standing among a group of children

Who We Serve Hassan in Uganda

The plan was simple, and he’d done it several times before. Rally a group of Muslim men, confront a gathering of Christians and then attack them with clubs and stones until they disperse. But Hassan’s plan wasn’t God’s plan that day.

As he approached the group of Christians, he suddenly felt the need for prayer. He asked one pastor after another, but they were afraid to talk to him, thinking it was a trap. Finally, one pastor prayed with him, and Hassan accepted Christ immediately. He spent three months with the pastor learning what it means to follow Jesus. When he returned home, his house had been burned down and his family was gone. After learning of his conversion, they had held a symbolic funeral for him, considering him dead.

Hassan began to travel throughout eastern Uganda and share the gospel with Muslims. As he watched Muslims turn to Christ, he noticed that they often faced the same problems he faced when he became a Christian. One significant problem for new Christian families was that they weren’t welcome at school. Hassan, therefore, decided to start a school to serve the children of persecuted Christians and anyone else in the community looking for a Christian education.

Today, the Hope of Glory school serves 150 students. About half are children of persecuted Christians from all over Uganda who board at the school, while the other half are local children. The school curriculum includes instruction on how to share the gospel with Muslims and how to respond to persecution.

Hassan, who once took great pride in beating Christians, now teaches a future generation how to faithfully withstand persecution.