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Villages in parts of predominantly Christian southern Chad are routinely raided by militant Fulani Muslims, much in the way Christians are attacked in north-central Nigeria. While the goal of these raids is primarily to steal land for cattle grazing, there is definitely an element of persecution against Christians, and VOM is actively responding to these incidents. The radical Islamic group Boko Haram is also responsible for violent extremist activity in the Lake Chad Basin. More than 56% of Chadians are Muslims, while 25% identify as Christians.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that Chadian Christians who are persecuted for their faith by family members or Islamists will experience God’s peace and provision.
  • Pray that God will bless the evangelistic efforts of front-line workers, especially as they reach members of Islamic extremist groups.
  • Pray that family members and Islamists who are persecuting Christians will repent and place their faith in Christ.
  • Pray that members of the body of Christ in Chad will have access to the resources they need to grow as biblical disciples.