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Afghanistan Update

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This week, VOM Radio talked with John Weaver, author and longtime Christian worker in Afghanistan, about what is happening to Christians in the wake of the Taliban’s rapid takeover of the country. You will hear how despite their natural fear, many Christian Afghans are courageously choosing to stay in the country.

John will also share how we can pray for our Afghan brothers and sisters during this crucial time.

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Islamic extremists such as the Taliban, who now control Afghanistan, desire a “pure” Islamic society run according to the dictates of Islamic law. Christians have few options: They can convert to Islam, flee or be killed.

Your gift to Christians Facing Islamic Extremists provides encouragement, material assistance and emergency care to Christians being persecuted by groups like the Taliban in Afghanistan, Boko Haram in Nigeria, AQIM in North Africa and other radical Islamist groups around the world.