Session 1Who Will Stand for Christ?

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For many years, Christian Wölfkes prayed faithfully for the one thing he longed to accomplish with his life: to lead a Jewish person to Christ.

  • How important do you think one, single act of obedience done for God's kingdom really is, and how does that affect the way you view taking a stand for Christ?
  • In what ways does the role Christian Wölfkes played in the Wurmbrand story change your thinking about who God calls and how He can enable each one of us to become witnesses who make a powerful impact for Him in the world?

As we close this session, spend a few moments in prayer. Ask God to help you:

  • Live in obedience as a bold and faithful witness,
  • Continue to mature in the life priorities of a biblical disciple,
  • Devote the time to spend with Jesus so that you are prepared to stand for Christ in the face of any opposition.