“You are of our blood, and unless you return to our traditions, Iwill take back your blood myself!” shouted the uncle of UMaung Than. When Than decided to leave his family’s traditional religion andbecome a follower of Christ, he immediately became a marked man byhis own family in his homeland of Myanmar. He was soon arrested andimprisoned on trumped-up charges. The military dictatorship used theuncle’s hatred of Than’s faith to sentence him to death. In March 2002, Maung Maung and Kam Lian Ceu, two Christianfriends of Than, came to visit and encourage him, not realizing their friendwas in prison. Maung and Kam learned of the seriousness of Than’s case,as well as the intense hatred against his faith in Christ. For two days themen diligently sought permission to visit him in prison but were continuallyrejected. On the third day, military police in that area finally allowedMaung and Ceu to see Than, but they were ordered not to speak to him. After traveling with Than and the police escort to a wooded area,Maung and Ceu were surprised to receive permission to talk with Than.Before they could say anything, Than pleaded with them, “Please go tomy area and share the Gospel. This is

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