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For nearly 50 years, Sudan has carried out a brutal campaign to Islamize the nation, destroying churches and imprisoning Christians while seeking to implement strict adherence to Islamic Sharia law. Until recently, the Islamization campaign also included the bombing of villages, crops, hospitals and churches in an effort to exterminate both Christians and ethnically African people in the contested Nuba Mountain, Blue Nile and Darfur regions on its border with what is now (since 2011) the independent nation of South Sudan. The Islamist dictator and convicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir, who led Sudan’s brutal assault on Christians, was removed from power in 2019 by a military council controlled by the country’s Islamist establishment. It is too soon to tell if Sudanese Christians will be treated better by the new leadership.

Major Religions:

90 percent of the Sudanese people are Sunni Muslims. 5 percent are Christians, including approximately one-half of 1 percent evangelicals.


The Sudanese government has intimidated, arrested, imprisoned and tortured Christians.

What It Means To Follow Christ In Sudan:

Sudanese Christians can attend church openly, but Christian leaders are detained and sometimes imprisoned if their activities are viewed as threatening the regime’s Islamist agenda.

Access To Bibles:

As a result of the regime’s long-standing campaign to exterminate Christians, Bibles are scarce and extremely difficult to obtain in Sudan’s conflict areas. Give Bibles

VOM Work:

VOM supports Bible-smuggling efforts and covert evangelism in the north, while providing crisis response (such as clean water and medical aid) in conflict areas — especially the Nuba Mountain region of South Kordofan state. Give to VOM’s Global Ministry

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for evangelists as they travel throughout the country preaching the gospel and strengthening believers.
  • Pray that God will work through audio Bibles given to those unable to read his Word.
  • Pray for the transitional government that replaced longtime Islamist dictator Omar al-Bashir.
  • Pray that peace will reign in the hearts of Sudanese Christians during uncertain times.
  • Pray for hospital chaplains in the Nuba Mountains as they comfort patients in Jesus’ name.