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Jordan has experienced an influx of refugees from neighboring countries since the 1950s, with nearly half the current population composed of refugees. The refugee situation became especially severe in recent years as Syrians began arriving in large numbers during their country’s civil war, which has been ongoing since 2011. Most of the Christian activity among Jordanian Christians has been focused on serving these refugees, and as God works powerfully among Arab Muslim refugees, Jordanian Christians are emboldened as never before to reach out to their Muslim neighbors.

Major Religions:

96 percent of Jordanians are Sunni Muslims. 2 percent are Christians.


Christian converts from Islam are persecuted, sometimes violently, by their families, tribes and communities. The Jordanian government restricts open evangelism and sometimes also Bible distribution activities.

What It Means To Follow Christ In Jordan:

Christians are free to meet openly, but they have difficulty getting government approval to open new churches or church facilities. Gatherings of believers are monitored, and Muslims that convert to Christianity often meet privately in homes to avoid drawing extra attention. Family members often create severe hardships for these believers by taking their homes, children, jobs and inheritances.

Access To Bibles:

Bibles are available through Bible societies and bookstores. Give Bibles

VOM Work:

VOM helps respond to persecution attacks and the needs of Christian refugees. We also provide training for Christian leaders. Give to VOM’s Global Ministry

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the protection of Druze people who have recently come to faith in Christ.
  • Pray that more Jordanians will come to know Christ.
  • Pray that local ministries reaching out to Muslim refugees will continue to see fruit from their work.
  • Pray for Brother "S," who has been targeted by authorities from his country even after fleeing to Jordan.
  • Pray for Brother "M," whose wife left him after he became a believer.
  • Pray for revival within the Jordanian church.