Two people walking across ground littered with bullet casings
Woman and child hiding in cave

HelpSudanese ChristiansFacing Persecution and Uncertainty

In April 2019 the Sudanese military overthrew the dictatorial regime of President Omar al-Bashir, who had spent three decades trying to eradicate Sudanese Christians and non-Arab Muslims from the country. Some Christians had even resorted to living in caves and gathering for worship under trees because their huts and churches were frequently bombed by government planes.

Woman and child hiding in cave

Although many are hopeful that the military coup will lead to lasting change, believers in Sudan are more cautious about the prospects of improvement. But regardless of who comes to power or what laws are implemented, Sudanese believers will continue to advance God’s kingdom. And VOM will equip them with practical aid and tools to strengthen their churches and help them reach their neighbors for Christ.


Your gift will provide the following help to persecuted Christians in Sudan:

  • Bibles
  • Family Med Packs
  • support for front-line workers
  • medical aid
  • Action Packs and other practical aid