Mariam, 18, and Sarah, 16, grew up in a Christian home and trusted in Christ at a young age. In 2020, the sisters were threatened and beaten after sharing the gospel with a Muslim coworker. Though the coworker responded eagerly to the gospel, others complained about Mariam and Sarah to their manager, who warned the girls to stop sharing their faith. He also took them to some Muslim men, who demanded the girls renounce their faith. When the girls refused, one of the men bloodied Mariam’s nose and locked up the girls. Mariam and Sarah eventually escaped and hitchhiked home. Since then, Mariam has suffered poor health, and the family has struggled financially because of the loss of income. Pray that Mariam will be healed and that the family’s needs will be met. Pray for their Muslim coworker who heard the gospel and desired to know more.

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Sisters Harassed, Beaten for Sharing the Gospel
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