While 80 Christians gathered on Feb. 19, 2023, to worship, a mob of Hindu extremists broke into the church and demanded proof that they had permission to be there. When the mob began to attack Pastor Zahir, his son, Ashok, defended him and also became a target. The two men were kicked, punched and beaten with a microphone stand until they were both bleeding and unconscious. Other members of the congregation were also injured as the mob ransacked the church while shouting Hindu slogans. When the police arrived, they took Zahir into custody and questioned him but refused to accept his criminal complaint against the attackers. Both Zahir and Ashok have recovered physically, though Ashok continues to experience pain. Pray for the wellbeing of this family and church amid persecution. “Please pray for the vandals,” Ashok said. “Pray that they bend their knees in front of Jesus.”

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Pastor, Son Brutally Beaten for Christian Worship
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