In Mali, Bibles are scarce and difficult to obtain outside of the capital, especially in minority languages. Front-line workers have been partnering with VOM for several years to get Bibles of various languages and types, including children’s illustrated Bibles and audio Bibles, into the hands of Christians scattered across the vast nation. During one recent distribution, 50 full Bambara-language Bibles and 50 Boomu Bibles were distributed along with 250 New Testaments. A brother named Matthew received his with joy, saying, “I am glad to have the Bible in my mother tongue. It will do good for my family.” One pastor gave a Bible to a local judge. While doing so, the pastor read Deuteronomy 16:18–20, which says that judges should judge the people fairly without taking bribes or showing partiality. The judge responded by saying, “Pastor, you have given me the greatest gift, and this Bible teaches me.”

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Bibles in Minority Languages Bring Joy
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