Help Widows, Children and Front-Line Workers in Nigeria

Boko Haram specifically targets men when it attacks villages in Nigeria. Christian men who refuse to deny Christ are often killed on the spot, leaving behind widows with no way to support their families. But the body of Christ will not forget these families.

You may also choose to support front-line workers who risk their lives to serve as witnesses for Christ in these Nigerian villages where so many are being killed.

VOM is committed to providing widows and children of martyred Christians

  • Support and Encouragement: By connecting widows and their children with local churches and Christian communities, VOM helps them find encouragement and comfort as they grieve for lost loved ones and prepare for what God has planned for them.
  • Vocational Training: By training widows in sewing, farming, grain-grinding or other small-business opportunities, VOM helps them become self-supporting so they don’t have to worry about daily necessities and so their children can receive an education.
  • Discipleship: Scriptural training and discipleship strengthens widows to continue to serve Christ and to take on greater roles as spiritual leaders in their families, churches and communities. While Boko Haram attempts to destroy the church, we can instead help strengthen the church through discipleship training of these widows and their children.

On any given day, hundreds of widows and children are receiving help and encouragement from VOM workers and partners in Nigeria. This month we invite you to make a special contribution to support Nigerian widows and children.

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