Support Persecuted Christians in India

Christians in India are facing increased opposition from Hindu nationalists who seek to eradicate their witness for Christ and establish a “pure” Hindu nation. Despite beatings, arrests and even the murder of loved ones, persecuted Christians in India continue to faithfully advance God’s Kingdom.

Woman holding photo of husband who was martyred
Encourage them as they faithfully share the gospel at great cost!
Three men holding box of Bibles

Today, you can stand with The Voice of the Martyrs to meet their needs and encourage them as they faithfully share the gospel at great cost. Through our unique ministry together, your gift will help Indian Christians who have suffered persecution or whose family members have been killed or imprisoned.

We will also equip front-line workers with the Bibles and ministry tools they need for discipleship and outreach and help provide Bibles and other practical help to Christians living in India’s most hostile areas.