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Tortured for Christ: 50th Anniversary Edition
Tortured for Christ: 50th Anniversary Edition
10 for $20

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand’s dramatic testimony shocked the world when it was first released in 1967, and many believers today cite it among the most influential books they have read. Pastor Wurmbrand endured months of solitary confinement, years of torture, constant suffering and the anguish of brainwashing simply because he refused to deny the name of Jesus Christ. This is the story of how one man’s faithfulness and suffering led to a worldwide network of support for persecuted Christians.

Prayer Reminder Bookmark and Brochure
Prayer Reminder Bookmark and Brochure
25 FOR $9

Inspire your congregation with a bulletin insert featuring 10 ways to pray for our persecuted Christian family. Do you ever pray that they will be able to forgive and love their persecutors? Have you thought to pray that they might know we are praying for them? These bookmarks serve as a reminder to pray for persecuted Christians year-round. They are ideal for handing out on IDOP Sunday, for use as bulletin inserts or for sharing with family and friends.

Prisoner Prayer Band
Prisoner Prayer Band
25 for $25

Wear VOM’s new Prisoner Prayer Band as a constant reminder to pray for “those that are in bonds.” These eye-catching, reversible silicone wristbands serve not only as a reminder to pray but also as a conversation starter. The sand-colored side of the wristband features a textured image of barbed wire and the words “IMPRISONED WITH THEM.” The black side of the wristband features the name of VOM’s icommittopray website.

Special Issue Newsletters
Special Issue Newsletters
25 for $9

VOM’s Special Issue newsletters are a great way to introduce your friends to the ministry of The Voice of the Martyrs and share about the persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Each Special Issue includes a pull-out prayer map highlighting the nations where Christians are systematically persecuted for their faith.

To receive your resources before Nov. 5, please order by Oct. 23, 2017. Products will ship on or before Oct. 2.

Free Downloads

  • Solitary Prayer DVD
    Filmed in the Romanian prison where VOM founder Richard Wurmbrand spent three years in solitary confinement, Solitary Prayer will inspire you to remain faithful and share Christ’s love in the face of extreme adversity. (approx. 6 minutes)
    Download Video
  • Bulletin Insert
    Inspire your church to pray for our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters with this downloadable and print-ready bulletin insert.
    Download PDF
  • Slide-Show Presentation
    Use this presentation to lead your church or home group in prayer for our persecuted family.
    Download PPT
    Download HD PPT
  • Torchlighters: Richard Wurmbrand Leader’s Guide & Student’s Guide
    Introduce children to the courageous testimony of Richard Wurmbrand through Torchlighters: The Richard Wurmbrand Story, and use the free study guides as a supplementary teaching tool.
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