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Extreme Devotion

365 Daily Devotional Stories of Ancient to Modern-Day Believers Who Sacrificed Everything for Christ

International Bestseller

Following Christ has always come with a price, and many have paid the ultimate price. The Voice of the Martyrs, coauthors of the bestseller Jesus Freaks, brings you a daily devotional with 365 inspiring stories of courage, commitment, confession and compassion. Here are just a few of the faithful believers featured in the devotional:

  • Justin, who before he was martyred for refusing to sacrifice to the Roman gods, said, “I know if I die for His testimony that I need not fear.”
  • Dumitru, who during his imprisonment under Romanian Communists wrote, “The pains which weakened our bodies were not able to master our hearts.”
  • Mary, who was only 17 when radical Muslims raided her village in Lebanon and demanded she convert to Islam or be shot. She replied, “I choose God. Go ahead and shoot.”
  • Sister Tong, who joyfully said that her six-month imprisonment for hosting a house church meeting in Communist China was “a wonderful time.”

In an age of extremes, you will find faith, strength, encouragement and hope in the stories of fellow believers from all over the world and from ancient times up to the present. These men and women, both young and old, went to the outer limits of human devotion.

Each story is true. Each story is unforgettable. Each story is extreme. Each story could change your life.

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