A pharmacist examines the remains of his pharmacy and clinic, which were destroyed by Islamic extremistsAn Ethiopian woman worships in a church building that has been attacked in the pastChristians in northern Ethiopia watch their church building burn after an attack by members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church


Ethiopian Christians who faithfully proclaim the gospel, plant churches and train biblical disciples have faced opposition for centuries, and persecution has intensified in the last few years. Prominently located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is critical to the gospel’s advance in the region.

Your gift will help Ethiopian Christians whose homes and churches have been destroyed and will provide care for those whose loved ones have given their lives for the sake of the gospel. In addition, you will help provide Bibles to believers living in hostile areas and equip pastors with ministry tools for evangelism and discipleship.

Book cover of When Faith is Forbidden by Todd Nettleton

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With any gift, we will send you a copy of Todd Nettleton’s new book, When Faith Is Forbidden, a 40-day journey to the frontlines with persecuted Christians.

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The fair market value of When Faith Is Forbidden is $15 and will be deducted from the tax-deductible portion of your giving for the year.