Help Chinese ChristiansAmid Intense Attacks

Police and protestors

Churches closed and demolished. House churches raided. Pastors handcuffed mid-service. Christians arrested, interrogated and imprisoned. Crosses removed from church buildings.

A new Chinese law has led to a widespread crackdown on Christians in provinces throughout the country.

Police and protestors

The Voice of the Martyrs is actively assisting Chinese Christians, even amid the increasingly hostile environment in China, just as we have for the past 50 years. The greatest needs continue to be:

  1. Prayer — encouraging the body of Christ worldwide to support our brothers and sisters in China through prayer
  2. Bibles — providing Bibles for spiritual strength amid intense persecution
  3. Persecution Response — providing direct aid to Chinese Christians facing increasing opposition from their government
Family in a church service

Please give today to help our Chinese Christian family endure these attacks on their faith, providing for their physical and spiritual needs while giving them encouragement during these struggles.

Photos courtesy of ChinaAid.

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    Thank you for praying for believers who live and serve in China. Please continue to pray for our Chinese Christian brothers and sisters as they work to advance the gospel despite growing opposition. Ask the Lord to grant them endurance for the days ahead and to make them “strong and very courageous” (Joshua 1:7).


    The need for Bibles continues to grow as more Chinese come to know Christ despite increasing persecution. VOM has identified hundreds of thousands of believers who are still waiting for their first copy of God’s Word. Your gift can be the answer to their need for a Bible.


    VOM is ready to help when our brothers and sisters suffer persecution in China and other nations hostile to Christ. We may assist with living expenses for the family of an imprisoned Christian, provide medical care for a believer injured in an attack or supply other practical needs. Your gifts are used to respond to the needs of persecuted Christians.


    A gift to the VOM Global Ministry Fund supports the totality of VOM’s mission of serving Christians facing persecution in hostile and restricted nations and of being a voice for these brothers and sisters, calling Christians in the U.S. to a deeper commitment to Christ and into closer fellowship with our persecuted family.