Girl holding action bible

Give a Child His or Her First Bible

At a time when Islam is spreading rapidly throughout rural Uganda and Bibles are rare even among adults, 9-year-old Jovia received a Bible for the first time. Even at her young age, she understood that God’s Word would change her life.

“Thank you for giving me this book,” she told the VOM worker distributing the Bibles. “I want to become more like Jesus. Pray for me also.”

“When we nurture children through this material,” a member of the distribution team said, “we are surely saving a whole generation.”

You can provide Bibles for children in restricted nations and hostile areas like Uganda, where those opposed to the gospel work tirelessly to prevent children from learning about Jesus Christ. Children’s Bibles also help young people grow in faith, preparing them for the persecution they will likely face throughout their lives

You can help ensure that the next generation receives God’s Word and support Christians who are persecuted for their faith.