Our persecuted brothers and sisters are asking for more Action Packs.

Action Pack - You Fill the Pack
Action Packs You Fill the Pack
$7 Each

When you choose to fill the Action Pack, The Voice of the Martyrs will send you an Action Pack kit, including a special ziplock bag to be filled with items you select from a list included in the kit. After you fill the pack, you will mail it back to VOM, paying shipping costs to our U.S. office. VOM will then ship your Action Pack to the field, where it will be given to a Christian family.

Action Pack - We Fill the Pack
Action Packs We Fill the Pack
$30 Each

When you choose to have VOM fill the Action Pack on your behalf, we will fill the pack and then distribute it in the country where it is needed most.

Examples of the types of items donors place in Action Packs:

Blanket • Jacket or windbreaker • Light sweater • Socks • Solid-color T-shirt • Bed sheet • Towel • Bar of soap • Sponge or foam ball • Family photo and note or drawing (optional, but appreciated by our persecuted family)

(The Voice of the Martyrs is currently distributing Action Packs in Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Jordan and Lebanon. Countries subject to change with varying needs and conditions.)
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