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Known Dangers

Adnan called the pastor and was invited to visit his church. But accepting the pastor’s invitation in an area controlled by the Islamic extremist group Hezbollah came with considerable risks.

Though Lebanon has a sizable Christian population, Christians frequently face persecution, and Muslims who seek to learn about Jesus as the Son of God are specifically targeted. People living in Lebanon’s urban areas are generally more accepting of other faiths, but Christians outside these cities, especially those living in majority-Muslim areas, face significant opposition.

Adnan accepted the pastor’s invitation, and during their time together the pastor answered his questions clearly and without hesitation. He also explained what Christians believe about Jesus.

While the conversation touched Adnan deeply and he felt like his burdens were lifted, Adnan still wrestled with the thought of leaving Islam for Christ. As he lay in bed that night, he called out to God. “God, please help me,” he prayed tearfully. “I want to know the truth. I need your help. Just give me a sign that I should follow you.”

After falling asleep, Adnan had a vivid dream in which he heard Christ call to him: “I am the way, the truth and the life.” As Adnan awoke, his eyes again filled with tears as he placed his faith in Jesus Christ. “That was the first time in my life when I woke up and I felt peace inside,” he said.

Soon, Adnan’s relatives and friends began to see changes in his behavior. He had always been angry with his wife and children, at times smashing dishes in a rage. But now, the fits of rage stopped and he showed love toward people he once hated.

But Adnan’s new faith had the opposite effect on his family. When his wife heard that he’d left Islam, she started sleeping in another room with their three children, believing she was forbidden to sleep in the same bed as her infidel husband.

Adnan’s father responded more harshly, telling him that if he went to church again, he would kill him. Adnan prayed for his angry father and trusted in God. “Because I knew Christ,” he said, “I was not afraid to be killed.”

Today, Adnan remains committed to studying the Scriptures, growing in faith and reaching Muslims with the gospel. His wife tolerates his Christian faith, but their marriage and other family relationships are difficult. Adnan asks for prayer that his family will hold together despite the challenging environment they live in and that his relatives will come to know Christ.

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