Yobiri heard the gospel at a young age through a foreign missionary and desired to know more. He didn’t own a Bible nor know how to read, so he relied on Christians from other villages to share God’s Word with him. Eventually, others in his village gave their lives to Christ, and they constructed a church building where they could gather. Some in his community threatened Christian villagers and beat those who attended church, yet Yobiri remained firm in his faith. Front-line workers recently gave Yobiri an audio Bible in his own language, which he received with joy. “We know that following God is for everybody, and nothing should hold you back,” he said. “You can serve him in any language, and you don’t need to know how to read.” Praise God for Yobiri’s faithful witness. Pray that he will share his faith as he learns from God’s Word.

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Man Hungers for God’s Word, Receives His Own Bible
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