Cheryl Beckett was excited about the opportunity to accompany a medical team on a service trip to remote Afghan villages. During her nearly six years of living there, she had traveled to several places outside Kabul, but this new trip was to an area she had never visited before. It was also an area featured in one of her favorite stories by Rudyard Kipling, “The Man Who Would Be King.” She knew in her heart that it would be a memorable, life-changing experience, albeit one that might also hold some danger. Certainly, the thirty-two year-old humanitarian aid worker never could have foreseen that it would be her last adventure on Earth and the beginning of her eternal adventure in Heaven. To some degree, living in Afghanistan always held the prospect of danger, yet Beckett had felt a calling from the Lord to serve there, leadingcommunity development projects. Mainly, she taught villagers how toprovide food for themselves through nutritional gardening, and she alsoworked in women’s clinics, teaching mothers and children how to keepthemselves healthy. Whenever the opportunity arose, she shared about herfaith in Jesus. This new trip with International Assistance Missions wouldtake her to the province of Nuristan, meaning “Land of

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