Sahid and his wife, Memona, have six children and live in a small Hindu village in Pakistan. In April 2022, a Hindu religious leader and one of Sahid’s relatives confronted Sahid and Memona about their Christian faith. The religious leader questioned why the couple had not attended Hindu festivals or participated in Hindu prayers. The leader and Sahid’s relative threatened the couple to renounce their faith in Christ, but Sahid and Memona remained firm in their faith. Around two weeks later, the family’s home was set on fire, and the two youngest children were killed. When the couple notified the police, the authorities tried to pressure Sahid and Memona to claim the fire was an accident. Pray for this family who experienced great loss for their Christian witness, and pray they experience the comfort of God’s presence as they grieve.

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Home Burned, Children Killed by Radical Hindus
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