On Nov. 28, Kabir, his four sons and their families went to a 9 a.m. church service in a nearby village. As the service started, about 50 members of the Hindu extremist group Vishav Hindu Parishad disrupted the service and called the police, making false accusations against the pastor. The mob threatened to demolish the church building. As police arrived, someone from Kabir’s village ran to the church and informed his family that their house had been burned down. Kabir and his 23 family members returned to his home and saw the home and their recently harvested crops destroyed. The family members, who lived together, are now are without a home and basic necessities such as clothing and food. Pray that Kabir and his family can find adequate housing and that God provides their basic necessities, and pray that they continue to grow in their faith. Pray for the Hindu extremists who attacked the church and destroyed Kabir’s home to hear the gospel and put their trust in Jesus Christ.

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Hindu Extremist Mob Disrupts Church Service, Burns Family’s Home
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