Although prison officials have officially stated that Wang Yi, pastor of Early Rain Church, is doing well in prison, a source familiar with his condition has said the opposite is true. The source shared that prison authorities are holding the pastor in a highly restricted cell. He is not allowed to have visitors or even speak with other inmates, except for two criminal offenders who are charged with watching him. Pastor Wang eats and sleeps in the same cell with these two men. Guards refer to them as the “three-person mutual supervision group.” The pastor is fed moldy rice and given expired prison medication when he requires medical attention. Prison officials continue to harass Pastor Wang’s wife and son, who live under virtual house arrest with officers stationed outside their apartment, as well as Wang’s elderly parents. Pray that Pastor Wang receives more humane treatment in prison and that he continues to be a light to the guards and other prisoners. Pray for his mental and physical health, the health of his family and for them to remain bold in their faith.

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Early Rain Church’s Pastor Wang Yi Suffers Poor Prison Conditions
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