Mariam was born and raised in Shashamane. She is the eldest of four siblings, and she works to provide for her aging parents through a boutique she started when she was in her mid-twenties. She is a Christian, having placed her faith in Jesus Christ at a young age. Through her witness, her entire family came to Christ as well. Last year, attackers broke into her boutique, looted all the clothes and destroyed the entire property. Her entire livelihood was lost, but she remained firm in her faith. “Even though I lost all my possessions, I became stronger in my faith. I do not know how that happened,” she said. “What people did drew me closer to God. My prayer life became stronger.” Mariam was able to receive support from VOM workers to help her rebuild her business. This has given her an opportunity to witness to those in her community who knew about her situation. “When they saw Mariam restarting her business, they asked her, ‘Who helped you like this?’ This gave Mariam an opportunity to witness to people about the love, kindness and help of God,” a front-line worker said. Pray that Mariam’s faithful witness will lead many others to faith in Christ.

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Christian Businesswoman Bears Witness to Christ Amid Loss
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