IDOP 2013

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

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This year, VOM’s IDOP video is free upon request. View the video or request a DVD.

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Victoria 10-pack

Victoria DVD — 10 for $10 Order Now

Will you join the Christians in Gombe and others around the world as we unite in prayer for the persecuted on Nov. 3, the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church? (DVD, 5 minutes)

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I Commit to Pray Brochures — 25 for $2 Order Now

25 Brochures to encourage your friends and family to pray, or as a reminder of IDOP Sunday. Each brochure contains a small prayer map and an offer for a free VOM newsletter subscription.

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Share VOM with Your Friends — 25 for $6 Order Now

10 Special Issue VOM newsletters with a folded prayer map and an offer for our 2013 Global Report on the Persecuted Church.

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Free Downloadable Resources

Writing Kit

Sample Prisoner Letter Writing Kit Download

You can write to persecuted Christians today with this sample kit. You can purchase our full kit or a pack of five, 10, 20, 50 or 100.

Youth Day of Prayer Activities

Youth Day of Prayer Activities Download

VOM:Next challenges teens to become part of the next generation of Christians who help, love and encourage the persecuted.

These activities will help you challenge teens in your church, youth group, or small group to get involved in IDOP.

IDOP Church Brochure

Church Bulletin Insert Black/White Color

Use these inserts to encourage your church or others to pray specifically for the persecuted church.

IDOP Slideshow

Slideshow Presentation Download

This Microsoft PowerPoint presentation will help in sharing the message of the persecuted church to your congregation.


Scriptures Related to Persecution Download

Use this PDF document for sermon preparation to help others learn more about what the Bible says about persecution.

KOC IDOP Lesson Plan

Kids of Courage IDOP Resource Download

This resource is designed to encourage children to remember and pray for Christians around the world who face persecution.