• Nigeria: Freed Chibok Girls Held

    Elizabeth waited three years for Boko Haram to release her youngest daughter, 20-year-old Mariam. Today, months after Mariam gained her freedom, Elizabeth is still waiting to bring her daughter home. Government officials... Read More

  • Kazakhstan: The Power of Letters

    Following his release from a Kazakh prison on June 17, Yuri Pak’s family shared how letters sent to him and fellow prisoner of faith Yklas Kabduakasov changed their quality of life behind bars. VOM supporters sent... Read More

  • Iran: What Made You Hate Me?

    Eight days after receiving a 15-year prison sentence and nearly a year after he was first detained, Muslim convert to Christianity Amin Afshar Naderi wrote an open letter to Iranian authorities. “What have I done... Read More

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How You Can Help

VOM offers many ways for you to get involved in serving our persecuted brothers and sisters worldwide.

  • Photo: Action Packs
    Action Packs

    Meet the needs of persecuted Christians by filling or sponsoring an Action Pack.

  • Photo: Prisoner Alert
    Prisoner Alert

    Write to and encourage Christians imprisoned for their faith and their families.

  • Photo: VOM Advance Conferences
    VOM Advance Conferences

    Attend a VOM event in your area.

  • Photo: iCommitToPray

    Pray for the specific needs of Christians persecuted for their faith.

For a complete listing of ways you can help, click here.

Virtually 100% of our funding is from Christians like you who have answered the call to fellowship with our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Use of VOM Resources in 2016

Includes Gifts in Kind such as Action Packs and Medical Supplies. Total GIK in 2016 was $357,629.

Total: $60,078,146
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  • 81.8% Ministry
  • 12% Administration
  • 6.2% Fundraising
Pie Chart of 2016 Budget

VOM is a certified member of the ECFA — Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. We fulfill their precise requirements for a credible board of directors, audit review committee, audited financial statement, truthfulness in communications, and several other items. For a complete listing of ECFA standards, please visit ecfa.org/Content/Standards.