About VOM: Todd Nettleton

Director of Media Development

Todd Nettleton

Todd Nettleton is the Director of Media Development for The Voice of the Martyrs, working with the media to tell the stories of persecuted Christians to people in the United States. During 15 years of service at VOM, he has met with Christians who face persecution in Sudan, China, Egypt, Turkey, Eritrea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Colombia, Iraq, Laos, India, Nepal and Azerbaijan. He has been interviewed more than 2,000 times by various media outlets, including CNN, The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, the BBC, Moody Broadcast Network, Christian Broadcasting Network, Newsweek, The Voice of America and Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Todd was a part of the writing team for four VOM books, including the best-selling Extreme Devotion and 2007’s FOXE: Voices of the Martyrs. He was the principle writer for VOM’s 2009 book about the church in North Korea, RESTRICTED NATIONS: North Korea.

A former sports writer, Todd is a graduate of Bartlesville Wesleyan College (now Oklahoma Wesleyan University). He has done postgraduate study at the University of Oklahoma.

The son of missionary parents, Todd did part of his growing up in Papua New Guinea, and the rest in Southern California.

Todd and his wife, Charlotte, have two sons, ages 16 and 19. In his spare time, Todd enjoys reading, writing, music, travel and sports, including serving as the commissioner of a fantasy football league.

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