Cargo Trucks, Planes and Dugout Canoes

Getting desperately needed goods to displaced Christians in the Central African Republic can be a logistical challenge, but with God’s help VOM is making it happen. Delays are often unavoidable when large cargo trucks break down or when heavy rains make roads impassable. But after overcoming mechanical breakdowns, bad roads and armed bandits, the cargo is unloaded in a central location and shuttled by plane, motorcycle, bicycle and dugout canoe to Christians scattered throughout various camps. Once the assistance reaches the camps, local church leaders distribute it among the needy. The most recent distribution included 11 tons of medicines, pots, cups, plates, spoons, buckets and basins.

“The jubilations from them seeing and receiving the VOM supplies were just too emotional to witness. All we could do was just lift up our arms high and wave at each other.”