Tortured for Christ

Tortured For Christ CoverMonths of solitary confinement, years of periodic physical torture, constant suffering from hunger and cold, the anguish of brainwashing and mental cruelty - these are the experiences of Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian pastor, during his 14 years in Communist prisons.

His crime, like that of thousands of others, was his fervent belief in Jesus Christ and his public witness concerning that faith.

Meeting in homes, in basements, in the woods - sometimes daring to preach on public street corners - these faithful souls persisted in their Christian witness knowing full well the ultimate cost of their actions.

Tortured for Christ is their story - a classic account of courage, tenacious faith and unbelievable endurance. This history of the Underground Church reflects the struggle in many parts of the world - a struggle that continues to this day.

"This book was singularly instrumental in awakening the conscience of the free world to the horrors experienced by our brothers and sisters behind the Iron Curtain."
- Charles W. Colson, Prison Fellowship
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