Iran: The Book on the Train

My name is “Navid” and I am 28. I have a small shop where I sell goods. Some time ago, I felt lost in life. In this chaos, I wanted to end my life, but I was afraid because the Quran says whoever commits suicide will find himself in hell.

I had to go to Turkey to buy more products for my shop. On the train home, I met two Christians. They talked to me in English, which I did not know very well, and asked me what nationality I was. I answered that I am Iranian, and they gave me a New Testament.

Even before I reached the border of Iran, I read all four Gospels. And all the questions about spiritual things I had accumulated, I found answers for in that book. I found peace, and because I did not know how to pray, I prayed the prayer written in Matthew, “The Lord’s Prayer,” and told Jesus I wanted to be his follower.

When I reached the border, I exited the train to pass through immigration and left the New Testament by my seat. When I returned, I was so sad to see that it was missing. Someone had taken it because it is not allowed to take Christian books inside the country.

I sat down to think about the words I read in the last hours so I could remember as much as I could. I returned home with a great sorrow. That first meeting with the Book was worth more than anything sweet I could have in my life.

After many months, a man entered my shop. I could see he was different. I asked him who he was, and he told me he was a guest in the city. I told him there was something different and so attractive about him because he was happy and smiling. “I am a Christian,” he told me. “Maybe that is what makes me different.”

I asked if he were Armenian or Assyrian [Christian minority people in Iran], but he told me he was a Muslim convert. I told him my story of how I got to know Jesus through the four gospels. He handed me a small memory card and told me I would find the Bible, other Christian material and worship songs in Farsi [the language of most Iranians] on it. I was so happy.

We exchanged phone numbers and months later he returned. This time he invited me to a house church meeting and introduced me to other Iranian Christians. He also brought me a New Testament.

Today, those believers are my family, and we gather together to worship Jesus, pray and read His Word. I have the real peace in my heart.


The man who met Navid is part of a team sponsored by VOM. These workers travel throughout Iran sharing the gospel, distributing literature and discipling new believers. If you would like to be a part of this work, you can support Bibles to Captive Nations here.


Source: VOM Sources

Posted: April 4, 2017


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