Girl reading bible in group of women

Stand withPersecuted
in India
As They Boldly
Advance the Gospel

Persecution is on the rise in India’s Hindu heartland as a growing number of Hindus come to faith in Christ. Focused and increasingly violent opposition from Hindu extremists, who now hold power at the highest levels of India’s government, has made large regions of India dangerous for Christians.

It is a dark and difficult time for many of our Indian brothers and sisters in Christ, but they are standing strong amid the increasing tensions and attacks. Despite beatings, arrests and even assassinations of pastors and other church leaders, they continue to witness faithfully for Christ.

We can stand with these bold believers. Our prayers encourage them as they pay any price to advance God’s kingdom. And our gifts provide them with Bibles and ministry tools to enhance their discipleship and outreach.

Your gift will ensure that we can continue to do the following:

  • respond to violent attacks and the imprisonment of Christians
  • replace Bibles destroyed by extremists
  • provide ministry tools for front-line gospel workers

As the Lord leads you, will you pray and give this month?