How You Can Get Involved


    Wristband with 'imprisoned with them written' on the side

    The first request we receive from persecuted Christians is for prayer. When you commit to pray for Christians who are imprisoned for their faith, we will send you a FREE Pray for Prisoners prayer band. Plus, you will receive a FREE subscription to our award-winning monthly magazine.

    Available for U.S. residents only


    Covers of 'Imprisoned with ISIS' and 'Wurmbrand' books

    For ANY gift to VOM, we will send you Petr Jasek’s book, Imprisoned with ISIS, along with the book Wurmbrand, the complete story of VOM founders Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand.*


    Covers of 'Imprisoned with ISIS', 'Gods Hostage', 'Cell 58', 'When Faith is Forbidden' and 'Wurmbrand' books

    When you make your gift MONTHLY, we will send you the Imprisoned for Christ Event Pack, which includes the book Wurmbrand as well as books from each featured speaker: Imprisoned with ISIS, by Petr Jasek; God’s Hostage, by Andrew Brunson; and Cell 58, by Dan Baumann. As a bonus, we will send you a copy of Todd Nettleton’s new book, When Faith Is Forbidden.*

    *$30 minimum monthly commitment to receive the event pack.
*Limited availability in some countries outside the U.S. See details below.
*A digital premium will be sent for your gift in lieu of books in select countries because of mail limitations.