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Map of Nigeria with the city of Jos highlighted in central Nigeria near the capital of Abuja

When 500 jihadis from the Fulani tribe attacked the areas of Barkin Ladi and Jos South on June 23–24, Christians in the area could only pray and flee. By the time the attacks had ended, hundreds were dead and more than 10,000 — primarily Christians — had been displaced from their homes and villages.

Boy with burns and in bandages lying in hospital bed
8-year-old Dalo

One of our brothers affected by this attack was 8-year-old Dalo. Everyone in his family was killed in the attack, and Dalo suffered second-degree burns over most of his body. When VOM staff went to the hospital to encourage the wounded and help provide for their care, Dalo’s nurse told them that he had arrived at the hospital praying — and he has continued to pray. Dalo is praying that God will heal him, and he is praying for others injured in the attacks as well.

Dalo is also asking God to forgive his attackers.

The Fulani Nationality Movement has taken credit for the attacks and promised there would be more. “Our men are waiting,” the group threatened. “We are eager to fight.” The group has promised to fight against all those “raising their voices against us and against Allah.”

The Voice of the Martyrs is already providing help to victims of the June 23–24 attacks, including medical care for those, like Dalo, who were injured in the attacks. VOM workers are currently helping more than 1,300 Christian families, distributing sleeping mats, food and mosquito nets to those forced to flee their homes.

We invite you to make a special gift to help meet the needs of our Nigerian brothers and sisters affected by this attack. We also ask you to join Dalo in praying for the persecutors. In recent years, thousands of Fulani tribesmen have left Islam to follow Jesus. Pray that many more Fulani will hear and answer Jesus’ call.

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