Pray for Tajerah, Who Is Leading a Group of New Believers


When Iranian house church leaders heard about 18 new believers in another city who needed a leader, they immediately thought of “Tajerah.” Tajerah had been active in Christian work in her own city, so the leaders decided she was ready to take more responsibility. After praying about it, Tajerah eagerly agreed to quit her job and move to the other city in order to oversee the fledging group of Christians and help plant new house churches. House church meetings in Iran are risky, and church leaders are treated harshly when caught. Iran recently hired 7,000 additional “morality police” to monitor groups like house churches. Pray for Tajerah as she begins this new work.

  • Pray for Noah, Who Is Adjusting to Two New Prosthetic Legs

    A young man who lost his legs after a Boko Haram attack several years ago was recently fitted with prostheses provided by a VOM-supported prosthetics lab.

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  • Pray for Christians, Who Face Increasing Hostility

    Turkish believers have asked for prayer, as they face increasing hostility from Muslim extremists.

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  • Pray for "Suraya," Whose Children Have Been Kidnapped
    Middle East

    "Suraya," a Christian convert from Islam, was abused by her husband long before she became a Christian.

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  • Pray for Brother Yang, Who Ministers Among Muslims

    Brother Yang was estranged from his Muslim family after he accepted Christ, but he continued to share the gospel with other Muslims in northwest China.

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  • Pray for Pastor Ruben, Whose Church Was Burned

    Police are still investigating a fire that destroyed "The Church of South India" on March 18.

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  • Pray for Miriam, a 93-year-old Christian Living in a War-Torn Village

    Miriam, a 93-year-old Christian woman, is the only believer left in her Iraqi village.

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  • Pray for Christians Affected by a Bombing on Easter Sunday

    An Easter Sunday suicide bombing at a crowded park in Lahore killed at least 74 people, both Christians and Muslims, and injured more than 370 others.

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  • Praise God for Release of Pastor Pedro Vazquez

    On March 29, Pastor Pedro Vazquez was abducted from his village for several days in Chiapas, Mexico, by a violent group known as Chinchulines.

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  • Pray for the Family of Hossain Ali and for His Killers

    The family of a Christian man who was fatally stabbed in Bangladesh requests prayer for their comfort and for those who killed him.

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  • Pray for "Fariq", a Muslim Learning About Jesus
    Saudi Arabia

    "Fariq," a Muslim man in Saudi Arabia, began to learn about Jesus at a Bible study he attended while living abroad.

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  • Pray for Yklas Kabduakasov, Sentenced to Two Years' Imprisonment

    Six weeks after a judge sentenced Yklas Kabduakasov to seven years' house arrest for his Christian activities, he was rearrested and sent to a labor camp.

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