Pray for a Christian Couple Facing Charges for Evangelism


A Christian couple was arrested at a restaurant in Morocco on June 3 for evangelism and possession of Bibles and other Christian materials. A waiter at the restaurant notified police after seeing the couple place Christian literature on a table. Police took the couple and their children to the police station, where they questioned them for several hours and confiscated their Christian materials before releasing them. The family lives in France but spends several months each year in Morocco.

  • Pray for a Church Targeted for Attack

    A VOM-supported church in Turkey asks for prayer, after a recent incident in which a suspicious man was caught sneaking around the church with a steel bar shortly after midnight.

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  • Pray for Iraqi Refugee Children Starting School
    Middle East

    More than 100 Iraqi refugee children began school on June 16 with help from a VOM-partner church in the Middle East.

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  • Pray for Murot, Who Was Tortured by Police

    Murot Turdiyev, a prominent Christian, was tortured by police until he lost consciousness, after being stopped at a checkpoint along with three other Christian men.

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  • Pray for a Pastor Who Was Threatened and Beaten
    Sri Lanka

    Two men abducted a Sri Lankan pastor on May 24 and threatened to kill him if he didn’t beg forgiveness for his Christian activities.

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  • Pray for Church Leaders Threatened by Islamic State

    Pray for the protection of church leaders in Damascus, who face an increasing threat of violence as Islamic State militants seize control of large areas of the city and of Syria.

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  • Pray for "Caleb," Threatened by His Muslim Family

    Caleb’s Muslim relatives have threatened to kill him and his daughters because they chose to follow Christ.

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  • Pray for Christian Siblings Orphaned and Pursued by Muslim Relatives
    Middle East

    After “Ahmed” and his family converted from Islam to Christianity, their Muslim relatives had “Ahmed” killed. A pastor took in Ahmed’s orphaned children and raised them with his family.

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  • Pray for a House Church Whose New Building Was Destroyed

    Local authorities recently demolished the new home of a house church just as it was nearing completion.

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  • Pray for a Christian Outreach to Displaced Kurds

    A VOM-supported team of Christian workers is providing assistance to Kurds from Yezidi and Shabak backgrounds who were forced to flee their homes due to violence and threats from Islamic extremists.

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  • Pray for Mother of Girl Killed in Bombing

    The Sudanese Air Force bombed an area near Kauda on May 25, killing a 3-year-old girl and seriously injuring her Christian mother.

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