Pray for the Family of a Christian Woman Killed

In April, a young Christian woman, "Sufia," was killed in Mogadishu by a group of armed men. The attackers burst into her home and dragged her outside, shooting at neighbors who tried to rescue her. The men killed Sufia and then fled the area. Her parents were unharmed in the attack but are devastated by the loss of their daughter. Police are still searching for the suspects.

  • Pray for Pastor Recovering from Attack

    Pastor Mohan Limbu continues to recover from a severe beating he sustained while helping distribute Bibles.

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  • Pray for Young People in a Vocational Training Program

    Young men and women in a North African nation are training to be self-sustaining servants of God after being turning out of their family homes because of their faith in Jesus.

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  • Pray for Family of Woman Killed for Faith

    Mary Sameh George, a 25-year-old Christian who lived with her parents and sister in Cairo, was brutally attacked and killed on March 28 by pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators.

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  • Pray as Pastor Faces Conspirators in Court

    On April 1, Pastor Emre appeared in court for a hearing involving 13 men who conspired to kill him.

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  • Pray for Court Hearing for Brazilian Missionary

    Pastor Jose Dilson da Silva, a Brazilian missionary who has worked in West Africa for 23 years, faces a court hearing on April 8 in connection with the Christian conversion of a Muslim leader’s son at a home for street children.

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  • Pray for Asia Bibi's Upcoming Appeal Hearing

    Asia Bibi’s death-sentence appeal has again been delayed, this time because a prosecutor failed to appear for the March 26 hearing. A new appeal hearing has been scheduled for April 14.

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  • Pray for Jailed Pastor after Bible Seized

    Iranian authorities recently confiscated a Bible and several Christian books from Pastor Behnam Irani, who is serving a five-year sentence on two separate convictions of “crimes against national security.”

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  • Pray for Pastor Philip's Family

    Three unidentified, armed men attacked the Joy of Christ Church near Mombasa on Sunday, March 23, killing Pastor Philip Msasa and five others.

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  • Praise God for Jailed Believer Who Led 14 to Christ

    Vani, a 30-year-old widow, spent 15 days in jail after being charged with kidnapping and forcing a child to convert to Christianity.

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  • Pray for Pastor Beaten for Sharing Gospel

    Pastor Mohan Limbu was recently chased out of a village and beaten by local Hindus who were angry that he was distributing Bibles.

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  • Pray for Christian Man Beaten and Arrested

    Kamel Saleh Gad Elrab, 67, was severely beaten by Muslim neighbors after he filed a complaint against them for trying to have him evicted from his property. A group of seven armed men came to Kamel’s house, stripped him of his clothes and beat him severely, breaking both of his legs.

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  • Pray for School Attacked by Boko Haram

    Five Christian students were among those killed in a Feb. 26 Boko Haram attack on a boarding school in Yobe state. At least 29 students, all teenage boys, were killed in the overnight attack.

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  • Pray for Hmong Family

    Shortly after Chai Xiong became a believer in 2012, his relatives and village authorities beat him five times in a two-month period.

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  • Pray for Detained Believers

    Eight believers were arrested while having a picnic on March 5 near Shoush, in Khuzestan province. Five of those arrested were released, but the three others, including Amin Khaki, Hossein Barunzadeh and Rahman Bahman, remain in custody.

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