Pray for Family of Tomi Alipa, Who Was Murdered by Islamists


On Thursday, Jan. 15, 22-year-old Tomi Alipa was killed by Islamic terrorists in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, while working with his mother and sister near their home in Tangkura village. Shortly after Tomi left his mother and sister to take the family's cattle home, Jana Ode and her daughter, Dian, heard three gunshots. After finding her son's lifeless body, Jana confronted a group of about eight Muslim men and demanded to know why they had killed Tomi. The men told her it was in retaliation for the arrest of their friends, who were members of the East Indonesian Mujahidin (MIT). The radical Muslim group is suspected of killing two other men, Heri Tobio, 59, and Imanuel Tetembu, 56, in separate attacks.

  • Pray for Family of Christian Man Killed Outside Church

    A Christian man was shot and killed just outside a Mombasa, Kenya, church gate on Jan. 11 after he was mistakenly identified as the church's pastor.

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  • Pray for Pastor Quang, Who Was Beaten by Unknown Attackers

    Pastor Quang and his associate pastor were attacked by five men on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 18, near a Bible school that Pastor Quang founded in southern Vietnam. The attackers threw bricks and rocks at the pastors until they collapsed to the ground, and then kicked them repeatedly. Pastor Quang suffered broken ribs, a broken nose and injuries to his jaw and teeth.

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  • Pray for Christians Under Continual Threat from Islamists

    Church attendance is at an all-time low in northern Nigeria because of unceasing threats and intimidation from Islamist groups such as Boko Haram.

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  • Pray for Family of Farah, Who Died from Injuries Sustained in Bombing

    Farah Javed passed away on Jan. 11, 2015, almost 16 months after being injured in one of the deadliest attacks against Christians in Pakistan's history.

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  • Pray for Two Sisters Persecuted by Their Family for Following Christ

    Two sisters who converted to Christianity were forced to flee their village recently after their brother threatened to kill them for leaving Islam.

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  • Pray for Four Christian Workers
    Central African Republic

    Four VOM partners who work in the Central African Republic face increasing danger as rebel groups continue attacks in the area where they live.

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  • Pray for Book-Store Workers

    The employees of a Christian book store in Egypt are at continual risk of attack by the Muslim Brotherhood. "The workers can be killed anywhere," a VOM contact said, "even ... in their homes for working in the book store."

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  • Pray for Christians in Nuba Mountains

    A church in the Nuba Mountains was destroyed in a bombing on Sunday, Nov. 30, during worship service.

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  • Pray for Arrested Believers

    Ten Christian workers and three girls under the age of 6 were arrested in the central region of India on Dec. 28 and charged with "deliberate and malicious acts intended to hurt religious feelings."

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  • Pray for Wenxi Li's Continued Ministry

    Wenxi Li was released from prison on Dec. 18 after completing a two-year prison sentence in central China.

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  • Pray for Believers

    Malaysian Christians continue to face harassment from Islamic authorities, with the apparent collusion of government officials.

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