Pray for Mena, a Christian Targeted by Islamists


Christian businessman Mena Meshreky Ghattas was attacked by armed men on April 29. The men shot at Mena’s car and tried to force him off the road, presumably to kidnap him, but he managed to escape. Mena lives in a Christian village in Upper Egypt where kidnappings are common. Many Muslims think Christians should not have a right to own property.

  • Pray for 15 Christian Families Who Were Evicted from Their Homes

    Zapatista rebels evicted 15 families from their homes in Chiapas, Mexico, last year after the families became Christians.

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  • Pray for a Christian Doctor Who Was Poisoned by Islamists

    A Christian doctor has been hospitalized after being poisoned by Islamists in Uganda.

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  • Pray for Christian Workers Fined for Bible Smuggling
    South Asia

    Officials detained two Christian workers in January for transporting Hmong Bibles.

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  • Pray for Christians in Damascus Living in a Battle Zone

    Intense fighting between Islamic State militants and government forces erupted on Monday, May 4, in Damascus, and media outlets warned Christians living in the area to evacuate immediately.

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  • Pray for Christian Prisoner Imran Ghafur and His Family

    Imran Ghafur’s family requests prayer for his release and for the needs of the family.

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  • Pray for Nepali Field Staff Affected by Earthquake

    The devastating earthquake that occurred near Kathmandu, Nepal, on Saturday, April 25, has affected millions of people, including VOM field staff. Although none of our workers were physically harmed in the earthquake, one of our Nepali team members lost his home.

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  • Pray for "Santosh," Whose Home Was Burned

    On Jan. 31, shortly after “Santosh” presented a gospel message that resulted in healings and in several people turning to Christ, his home and several of his neighbors’ homes were destroyed by fire.

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  • Pray for "Jeremiah," Accused of Funding Terrorists

    A VOM contact who works with Somali Christians in Kenya was arrested on April 28 on suspicion of funding terrorists.

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  • Pray for Continued Fruit from Pastor Emre's Easter Outreach

    Pastor Emre Karaali and his church have attracted both local and international attention for their Easter celebration and outreach in Turkey.

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  • Praise God for Umid Gojayev's Release from Prison

    After spending almost three years in a labor camp, Umid Gojayev was granted early release on Feb. 17 under a prisoner amnesty marking the country’s celebration of Flag Day.

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  • Pray for Pastor's Daughter, Attacked and Traumatized

    Five Muslims attacked a pastor’s teenage daughter because the pastor ignored their warnings to stop worship services.

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  • Pray for Pastor Azhar Threatened for Evangelism

    Pastor “Azhar” was forced to relocate after receiving death threats for baptizing “Rashid,” a former imam.

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  • Pray for Pastor Dilson, Facing Possible Imprisonment for Missions Work

    Pastor Jose Dilson, a Brazilian missionary who has worked in West Africa for 25 years, faces a possible prison term in connection with the Christian conversion of a Muslim leader’s son.

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  • Pray for Christians Attacked Over Easter Weekend

    At least 17 people were killed on April 11 in Aleppo, Syria, when rebels from al-Nusra Front launched missiles into a Christian neighborhood.

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