Pray for a Christian Minister, Attacked by Two Men


A Christian minister in Lebanon was attacked last week by two men who threatened to “break him” if he carried out his plans to open an evangelistic center for Muslims. The minister required emergency medical care for injuries to his head and other parts of his body. A VOM worker who met with the minister shortly after the attack said, “He was full of grace.”

  • Praise God for the Release of South Sudanese Pastors

    Two South Sudanese pastors were released from prison and returned home to their families on Aug. 19.

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  • Pray for a Church Being Investigated for Teaching Muslims
    Middle East

    A church in the Middle East is being investigated for telling Muslims about Christianity.

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  • Pray for Kidnapped Christian Wael Adel Azizi

    Wael Adel Azizi was kidnapped by Muslim extremists as he drove through Upper Egypt with his brother earlier this month.

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  • Pray for North Korean Defectors Who Are Learning Jesus' Ways
    Korea, South

    North Korean citizens are required to attend weekly self-criticism meetings, in which they report on what their neighbors have been doing.

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  • Pray for Shua, Beaten and Robbed

    Since accepting Christ three years ago, “Shua,” a poor Khmu Christian, has been beaten many times.

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  • Pray for a Muslim Leader Who Is Studying the Bible

    A VOM partner asks that we pray for a mosque leader in Pakistan who started a Bible study course two months ago.

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  • Pray for Two Churches Attacked by Arsonists

    Arsonists attacked two churches recently in different parts of Indonesia

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  • Pray for Christians Who Left Islam After Extremists Destroyed Business

    A Muslim family living in Syria had long been curious about the Christian faith, and after Islamic extremists destroyed their business they began to have more doubts about Islam.

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  • Pray for South Sudanese Pastors Yat Michael and Peter Yen

    Two South Sudanese pastors on trial in Sudan for serious criminal charges, including “spying,” which carried the death penalty, were freed on Aug. 5.

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  • Pray for a Family of Believers Who Escaped Islamic Militants

    A Christian family was forced to flee their home in Syria when Islamic militants raided their village.

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  • Pray for Pastor Augustine Jayraj and Two Christians Beaten by Hindu Radicals

    Hindu radicals in India beat Pastor Augustine Jayraj and two other Christian men and had them arrested by local police on July 23 because of their Christian outreach to a village.

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