Laos: Village Bans 6 Families

In February, leaders of a village in majority Buddhist Laos gave four Hmong Christian families a choice: renounce your faith in Jesus or be banished from the village.

The families, totaling 26 adults and children, stood firm in their faith and accepted the leaders’ decision. Two additional families were inspired by their bold faith and became Christians. The 32 people were tied up and transported by truck to the nearest city. Some of the men were beaten along the way. Because the families had several sick family members among them, they requested to be dropped off near a hospital. For months they lived under makeshift shelter made from plastic tarps on the hospital grounds. As they struggled to survive with little food and no money, they remained faithful to their commitment Christ.

Eventually, the families moved to a nearby rice field where they were able to camp under plastic tarps. They could not relocate to another village because no village leaders would accept Christians moving into their villages, a common predicament for converts in Laos.

While living in the rice fields, they shared Jesus with other poor families in villages nearby. One day, a Khmu family visited them out of curiosity as to why they were living in the rice fields. Members of the Hmong families shared their story and how the creator God gave them freedom over the many spirits through His son, Jesus.

Laos children of Christian family
The three members of the Khmu family accepted Christ and even invited an evangelist to visit their village to share Jesus with other villagers.

Recently, government officials visited the six Hmong families. The officials told the leaders of their former village that the families have a right to follow Jesus. The families are now hoping to return to their village and share the love of Christ with their former neighbors.


Source: VOM Sources

Posted: April 28, 2017