Pakistan: VOM Helps Family

The Voice of the Martyrs recently helped a Christian couple in Pakistan facing financial difficulty and threats from their Muslim family. “Aasim” and his wife, “Saba,” have had a hard life. In 2009, Aasim broke both legs and his right arm in an accident, leaving him unable to work. His wife worked to support their family.

They have had to move three times to avoid Saba’s Muslim family, who have been looking for them with the intent to kill them. Even so, the couple trusted that God would provide for them. A VOM worker eventually came into contact with Aasim and Saba and helped them move to a shelter near Lahore.

Aasim suffers from heart problems, and Saba works long hours as a housemaid, making it difficult for them to care for their two young daughters. To help, VOM gave the couple an auto rickshaw, a small laundry unit, living expenses and an assortment of household items. Aasim has received medical attention, and Saba attends Bible school on a VOM scholarship.

“Because I worked as a housemaid, I didn’t have enough time to take care of my little daughters and husband,” Saba said. “The laundry unit is a great gift. I can work at home and make money for my family. God bless you.”

Aasim, who used to work multiple jobs to help provide, was rarely able to attend prayer and church meetings. He is now self-employed as a rickshaw driver, helps care for his children and prays and attends church with his family. VOM workers remain in touch with this family.

“Their joy was evident,” said a VOM worker. “They now have a new life. They thanked the Lord and VOM for this love.”

Sources: VOM contacts

Posted: April 27, 2012


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