United States: VOM Video Contest Winner

Five days before the beginning of fall semester at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, while many college students were moving into their dorms, 18-year-old Christina Kuo stood in front of a video camera.

“Jesus Christ gave up his life for you. What would you give up for him?” she asked, looking into the camera. “[Asia Bibi’s] life is on the line, but we as her brothers and sisters in Christ have a voice. With God we can achieve the impossible. I’m not asking you to risk your life. I’m asking you to answer the call — the call for mercy.”

When Christina felt God calling her to enter The Voice of the Martyrs’ “A Call for Mercy” video contest, she immediately went to her brother for help. “I was motivated,” Christina said. “I really connected with the story because I thought we could do something for her. God was calling me to not leave it alone.”

Christina’s 21-year-old brother, David Kuo, who studies film at Asbury University, quickly agreed to help his sister with the video. “I knew I had wanted to do a video that would be towards a purpose that has a positive impact on people,” David said. “I saw this opportunity to not only help Bibi, but help in the way I like to do.”

Christina and David were unsure of their abilities to make the video, but they continued anyway. Christina wrote the script, and David filmed and edited the video.

Then they posted it on YouTube and entered the contest. With its excellent incorporation of images and powerful ending, David and Christina’s video was named as the contest winner. It has been viewed more than 20,000 times on YouTube.

Christina and David continue to encourage their friends to sign the petition to free Asia Bibi, who remains in a Pakistani prison under a death sentence after being convicted of blasphemy against the prophet Muhammad. Christina and David plan to set up a booth at their university to raise awareness of Asia Bibi’s story. “I am struck by her courage, strength and faith, that she was able to stand up in the hard times,” David said. “I just wanted to use video to spread the story about Bibi.” Relating to Asia Bibi as a sister in Christ, Christina echoes her brother’s sentiments. “I admire her strength and confidence in God, knowing full well the implications and consequences of what she was saying,” she said.

The Call for Mercy is not over, and Asia Bibi still needs our help. “Please, just take a couple minutes and sign the petition,” encourages Christina. “It is so easy to sign it.”

Visit the A Call for Mercy page to sign the petition.

Posted: September 28, 2011


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