West Bank: Youth Center Update

Holy Land Missions (HLM), which recently opened a youth center in a Muslim-dominated neighborhood of the West Bank, reports that more than 25 local children from a variety of religious backgrounds have accepted Christ. West Bank Christians are praying that God will use the youth center to change Muslims’ lives forever, according to HLM Vice President Steven Khoury.

The day the center opened, youth leaders welcomed more than 60 children to the new center, where they spent the day singing songs, playing games and listening to Bible stories.

As Khoury and two youth leaders left the building at the end of the day, a woman in a veil ran toward Khoury, screaming, “You don’t belong here; go somewhere else.” Khoury later learned that the woman’s three sons were waiting in a nearby car.

“They were waiting for me to scream back at her, fight back, or do something that would make it justified according to their religion to attack me and do what they want with me,” Khoury said.

Khoury said the Holy Spirit gave him peace and wisdom. The woman ran and shouted at him, but Khoury responded with respect. “Ha-Jah, a lady your age shouldn’t be screaming and shouting. It is not good for your health. You can harm yourself. Please go and talk to the landlords we rent from with all the problems you have with us. We want to have peace, nothing more.”

The woman suddenly became calm, but her oldest son stepped out of his car and screamed, “What are you doing to my mom?” Khoury got in his own car and drove off as the woman grabbed her oldest son, preventing him from approaching Khoury.

“Thank you all VOM readers and prayer warriors for covering us with protection,” Khoury said. Khoury’s car tires have been slashed, and flowers and plants have been vandalized at the youth center’s front entrance. However, the youth center has successfully held four classes, ministering to 78 youth.

“Would you please continue praying,” Khoury asked. “We are going to be doing much more at the youth center. We are not stopping, and we will not falter from sharing the message of Christ.”

Sources: VOM contacts

Posted: September 12, 2011


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