CFC #10993: 50th Anniversary


The Voice of the Martyrs invites federal, state, and local employees to support persecuted believers through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

The CFC is one of the largest workplace giving campaigns in the world allowing any who works for the Federal government — including civilian, federal, postal and military employees — to contribute to charities via payroll deductions.  VOM is one of many charities eligible for this charitable giving campaign.

“VOM is thankful for CFC as it promotes and supports charitable giving” Brenda Matlock, a VOM CFC administrator said. “Employers encourage their employees to give because it improves the quality of life for all and it is the right thing to do.”

An e-mail from a CFC supporter:

“Thank you for responding (by sending a thank you letter). You are only one of eight that I pledge to that has responded. It was not necessary as I trust God to ensure the gifts go where they can help most. Again thanks for letting me know my gift is really helping others. God bless you and your organization.”

CFC Defense Finance & Accounting Service

Giving to VOM through CFC is easy. Just remember VOM’s CFC code #10993 on your pledge card. The pledge authorizes one-time or monthly gifts and is given through payroll deduction.

VOM uses the donations from the CFC program to purchase Bibles, blankets, Action Packs and, most of all, to encourage persecuted individuals and their families. VOM is an international charity and is represented by Christian Service Charities and Neighbor to Nation at federal, state and local events.

To get additional information about VOM’s involvement with the CFC go to


Posted: September 25, 2009
Updated: August 17, 2011


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