LAOS: Man Released from Prison

VOM recently helped secure the release of “Palani,” a Christian man in Laos – one of seven men imprisoned for following Jesus.

The other six men are still continuing their three-and-a-half year sentences.

“Me being free today after two months in prison for my faith in Christ is a miracle,” Palani said. “I want to thank all the brothers and sisters who help secure my release. Without your support financially and by prayers, I would not be free today.”

Palani was arrested only days after accepting Christ. The former “village drunk” finally humbled himself during a visit to see his brother, a pastor in another village.

“At first, I was skeptical and really did not care about believing in a ‘foreign religion’, but when he told me that he can pray for me, that I would not crave alcohol, I allowed him to pray for me,” Palani said. “During the prayer, something happened that I cannot describe. My whole body started to shake. Then, the next day, he told me that Christ will use me and that I can also go and heal the sick. I stayed about a week to learn more about Christ.”

When Palani returned to his village, he met with a local pastor. As he asked about Jesus and how to serve in the church, the pastor asked Palani if he could get Bibles for the congregation from his brother.

“My brother then brought boxes of Bibles for the church,” he said. “We started to hand out Bibles and pray for the sick in the village. I was astonished to see many people were healed after I prayed for them. Remember, this is all new to me, so I was excited. I went around praying for people who were sick and also gave out Bibles.”

Then, days later, a village leader told Palani he couldn’t talk about God or distribute Bibles anymore. He labeled Palani a fraud and a drunkard who shouldn’t be persuading people to follow a foreign religion.

“They say this religion is for the other tribes like the Hmong, and that we are Lao and have no room to believe in such religion,” Palani said. “Three days later, police came to my house and arrested me for spreading the Christian religion.”

During his first seven days in prison, Palani was handcuffed and his legs were shackled.

“They continued beating me with the Bible and demanded to know where I got the Christian material from,” he said. “On the third interrogation, they offered to release me if I would recant and tell them where all the materials were. I refused and was beaten some more.” 

During his two months in prison, Palani witnessed three people die from starvation and poor medical care.

“The place was overcrowded and our legs would cross each other while sleeping at night,” he added.

Then, after two months, he was released. 

“Upon my release, I was very weak and my knees felt like giving up,” he said. “I could barely walk. Before going in, my knees were ok. Now, I am staying from church to church as I can barely have energy and my legs are weak.

“I ask that whoever read this please pray for my health to get better, for assistance for further Bible training and to be used more and more to advance the Kingdom.”


You can help bring Bibles into hostile and restricted nations like Laos with your gift to the Bibles to Captive Nations fund.


Source: VOM Sources

Posted: March 30, 2017


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