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As Christians, we’ve been called to proclaim the gospel know God’s Word. But what about our brothers and sisters around the world who are unable to read the Scriptures?

Fortunately, as Romans 10:17 tells us, faith comes from hearing the word of Christ, not only by reading it. Technology like the micro SD cards that The Voice of the Martyrs distributes throughout the world can help illiterate Christians know the Bible in detail.

Sukdev and Laxmi photo

Sukdev (center) was previously dependent on his daughter (left) to read the Scriptures for him when he evangelized. Today, he uses an audio Bible.

Sukdev, 48, left Hinduism for Christianity a decade ago, and wanted to learn more about the Bible so he could better share the gospel with Hindus in his village in India. At the time, however, he couldn’t read.

His young daughter, Luxmi, would often read the Bible to him when she wasn’t at school or doing housework, but it wasn’t enough for Sukdev. Luxmi also would accompany her father as he met with villagers to teach them about Jesus, occasionally reading Bible verses to them, but she wasn’t always available. Sukdev desired to have instant access the Scriptures.

Then one day, Sukdev’s desires were fulfilled. VOM provided him with a micro SD card containing audio files of the Bible in multiple languages along with discipleship materials. VOM distributed 15,000 of these SD card Bibles in India in 2016 as part of our efforts to get a Bible to every believer.

“He was so grateful that he was moved to tears, because with this tool in his basic mobile phone,” a VOM worker said. “he could suddenly go anywhere, anytime to share the gospel.”

Today, Sukdev travels into new districts baptizing new believers, making disciples and planting churches in some of the most remote, difficult places of India near the Pakistan border. In many of these areas, public transportation is not available. He often walks miles from village to village.

Even though he often faces persecution as he travels, he knows the need for Hindus to hear about Jesus is greater than his need to stay safe.

“Since I have learned the truth, I have to share it,” Sukdev told a VOM worker.

With his SD card, Sukdev now conducts a Bible study every day, no longer dependent on his daughter to do the reading. He also daily shares his testimony and prays with others – sometimes multiple times a day. He often takes others with him, mentoring them in how to share Christ’s love with people who oppose Him.

 “This man is bold,” a VOM worker said. “There is even a report that he gave a micro SD card containing Christian audio files to an Indian Border Security Forces officer patrolling the Pakistan border.”

After years of faithful witnessing, Sukdev now helps lead a network of more than 300 house churches.

Posted: February 24, 2017


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