Mexico: Still No Turning Back

Eleven Christian families are now reaching out to the Zapatista rebels who evicted them from their homes for choosing to follow Jesus.

In February 2016, VOM visited with the families in rural Chiapas, Mexico. Initially, they were forced to take up shelter in a cattle barn for a year. After much prayer, the families were able to purchase land that they used to construct homes, plant crops, and even put in a soccer field for exercise. Most importantly, the families first built a church where they could meet regularly for worship.

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Though they still face harassment from the leftist Zapatista rebels who control the area, it has not stopped them from inviting local children for a meal, games, and a time to listen to Bible stories on Saturdays. This outreach has touched many of the neighboring families who see the love offered by this growing Christian community and the way that they have forgiven those who often still make life hard for them.

Between April 2015 and February 2016, eight new believers were baptized and added to their church services. The new Christians say they foresee more people coming to faith. One of the newest members of the congregation is a former Zapatista member who was part of the original group that drove the families from their homes and land in 2015.

Because Zapatistas do not want outsiders coming in to their area, some of the men from the 11 families have begun leadership training elsewhere so that they can more effectively lead this growing church.

Rebels frequently attempt to harass the group by cutting off their water supply, but the congregation remains faithful.

VOM workers who visited with the families encouraged them and reminded them they are not forgotten. While the Zapatistas who control the region want to keep them isolated, the families were especially encouraged to know that VOM readers pray for their needs. They ask that you pray they would remain strong in their faith and minister effectively to their neighbors, including those who persecute them.

See past prayer requests related to the group here, here, here, and here, and add your voice to pray for them.

Posted: November 16, 2016


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