India: Equipping the Front-Line

To do any job effectively, a worker needs the proper tools. For VOM’s front-line workers spreading the gospel in India, these tools include everything from motorcycles to solar-powered lanterns.

With the help of VOM supporters, we’re able to equip these workers with several tools necessary to share God’s Truth in the world’s largest Hindu nation. Motorcycles, bicycles, public address (PA) systems, Bibles, DVD players and solar-powered lanterns each play an important part in furthering God’s Kingdom in India.

“These tools are necessary for the growth of the gospel,” a VOM worker in India said. “As most unreached people groups remain in rural areas of India where facilities are at the bare minimum, front-line pastors often will feel handicapped in promoting the work of the gospel.

“…the Lord touches the repenting souls and the Holy Spirit leads that person into the saving knowledge of Christ through preaching, but providing these tools embolden and equip front-line pastors to take the gospel deeper into the interior of the great nation of India.”

Motorcycles are an important tool for pastors, especially those who work in tribal villages. With them, these pastors are able to reach more people quicker and safer.

India Bicycle Distribution

Although motorcycles are better for longer distances, bicycles are another way pastors can safely cover a lot of ground. They’re also cheaper and need less maintenance than other modes of transportation.

PA System
Rechargeable, battery-operated PA systems are a tremendous help in villages where front-line workers have organized house prayer meetings. They help a larger group of people hear the gospel.

India Pastors

Bibles/Study Bibles
Bibles are studied and treasured. Believers who gain scriptural insight are more effective in sharing the gospel with their unbelieving families and neighbors. Hindi language study Bibles are especially helpful to front-line pastors who are poor and have had limited access to Bible school training.

DVD players
The Jesus film and other evangelistic videos are highly effective in presenting the gospel to audiences that come from illiterate backgrounds. In addition, worship DVDs help congregations learn new worship songs. Training DVDs are used with small groups for discipleship and instruction in God’s Word.

Solar Lanterns
Solar-powered lanterns have allowed believers to read the Word of God in areas where power is unavailable or prone to power outages. They also illuminate house prayer meetings.

Help us provide these and other tools to front-line workers in India and elsewhere.

“It is always overwhelming the ways and means by which God meets needs and provides the resources to accomplish His work,” the VOM worker said. “It is extremely encouraging to see how God touches the hearts of those who are made aware of the needs in the field and then willingly act to meet those needs. Equally rewarding is the joy on the faces of those who have prayed and trusted God when they are given those tools that they have requested from the hand of God.”

Source: VOM Sources

Posted: November 9, 2016


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