Myanmar: Charges Cleared

A front-line worker in Myanmar cried “tears of joy” when he was cleared of human trafficking charges on Oct. 6.

In April, the worker known as Brother “Xi” met a widow and her 13-year-old daughter in one of the rural villages where he was sharing the gospel. When the woman and her daughter became Christians, it upset the Buddhist monk who led the village temple. He threatened Brother Xi and told him not to share Christianity in his village.

After her conversion, the young girl decided on her own that she could no longer attend the free local school provided by the Buddhists at the monastery in their village. However, her mother was too poor to afford tuition at any other school. They asked Brother Xi for help, and he found the girl a place at a boarding school in another area.

Brother Xi and his wife share the gospel in Myanmar.

When the Buddhist monk learned of this, he went to the village chief. Together, the two filed human trafficking charges against Brother Xi, and he was immediately arrested.

Initially, he was not permitted to see his wife or get legal counsel, but after VOM partners provided him with a lawyer, he was released on bail. Many in the Christian community anticipated that the case would take at least six months to process. The human trafficking charges were very serious, and he was convicted, Brother Xi would face years in prisoner.

When in jail, Brother Xi wrote, “I have peace in the Lord, though I was falsely accused because of my faith and Christian activities. The opposition has tried to cause me problems in many ways. But the more I face persecution in my life, the more my church members and I grow in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Brother Xi’s story was posted on, and many VOM readers responded by praying and posting their prayers. Three days later, word came that the charges were dropped.

Village leaders were warned that if they make another false report, they will be arrested. His lawyer told us, “There will not be any problem for Brother Xi to live in that village because the opposition leaders have been warned by police.”

VOM had previously provided Brother Xi with a motorbike to help him travel between villages to evangelize. Although he and his wife have often experienced persecution, they have remained faithful and continue to share Christ in many villages throughout Myanmar.

Brother Xi and VOM contacts are thankful for all of the support offered by those who pray, saying, “Your help and prayer works.”

Posted: November 7, 2016


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