Sudan: Peace Singer Killed

Though her songs are not likely to be heard on your local Christian radio station, the music of a talented Christian woman is well known in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. The Nuba people know Neima Abiad Idris as the “Peace Singer.” Neima, 49, was a wife and mother of six whose life was cut short by bomb shrapnel on Nov. 6, 2014 when an Antonov bomb struck her home village of Kadir, in the Nuba Mountains.


Neima’s life testimony represents the faith and courage of so many Nuba Christians. She was the mother of four sons and two daughters, and she is a hero and a martyr. She died because she wouldn’t run away from the genocidal terror that targeted her family and her community.

Neima’s most recent Christian music album was called “Building Peace, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation.” The album was Neima’s prayer and aspiration for the Nuba people, and it will remain a lasting testament to her courage and her life.

A VOM partner organization that works among the Nuba was first introduced to Neima in 2003. When they met with her in the village of Kauda, she was leading a choir of ladies singing songs in her native Koliib. She lived in Dellami County with her family in an SPLM-N (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North) administrated “rebel-controlled” area that continues to be attacked by the Islamic government with bombs. Neima never considered moving away to the “safety” of a government garrison town under sharia law. Her songs were always of peace, forgiveness, faith and perseverance.

The Nuba people grieve for Neima’s family, but take comfort that she is experiencing the real peace of heaven. Neima could sing about peace while living in a war zone because she knew the Prince of Peace.

Source: VOM sources

Posted: February 11, 2015


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