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  • Middle East
    School for Iraqi Children

    Christian children forced to flee Iraq after the Islamic State invasion began school this week for the first time in a year.

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  • Allah
    For Use By Muslims Only?

    Are people departing from biblical Christianity when they say that the word "Allah" is not Islamic?

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  • Vietnam
    Hat on the Box

    He was certain that if he was found with a box of Bibles, he would be taken to prison and perhaps even tortured.

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  • Uzbekistan: Parole Will Not Happen

    Uzbek prisoner Tohar Haydarov was given the disappointing news that a mid-year parole from prison “will not happen.” Fellow Christians say that the 33-year-old convert from Islam to...  View Story
  • Uganda: Despised by Her Family

    Every shilling Grace had went to pay for her son’s hospitalization. Since most hospitals in Uganda demand payment up front, she sold her very last cow. Then, her son died. Immediately, her...  View Story
  • Pakistan: Don’t Forget Imran!

    Pakistani Christian in Prison for Life Because of His Faith Imran Ghafur is now more than six years into a life sentence in prison for his Christian faith, and no judge or attorney is willing to hear...  View Story
  • Kazakhstan: Dramatic Sentence Change

    Six weeks after a judge sentenced Christian convert Yklas Kabduakasov to seven years of house arrest for his Christian activities, the sentence was changed, and Yklas was rearrested and sent to a...  View Story
  • Kenya: Christmas Thanks

    “I was amazed when I was given the bag which had a Bible,” shared 14-year-old Timothy M. in a thank you letter to The Voice of the Martyrs. Timothy received one of the more than 30,000...  View Story
  • Israel: Jews or Apostates?

    An Ethiopian Jewish family who believe in Jesus as Messiah were denied Israeli citizenship though they entered the country under Israel’s “Law of Return.” However, a VOM partner...  View Story
  • India: Christians Warned

    A warning to Christians from the RSS Hindu radical group was posted at a train station in India. The notice warns all Christians that their faith is a problem and their mission is for...  View Story
  • Turkey: Nine Years After Murder

    Nine years after the torture and killing of three Christians in 2007, a civil court in Turkey has ruled that the Turkish government failed in its duty to protect them. On April 18, 2007, Ugur...  View Story
  • Laos: Death and No Verdict

    A Christian leader died Sept. 17 of medical complications which were the result of a lengthy prison sentence for his faith. Though Tiang Kwentianthong had been released on appeal, the courts had not...  View Story
  • Tanzania: Arson Destroys 7 Churches

    Arsonists used gasoline as an accelerant to ensure that seven churches in northwestern Tanzania were destroyed in attacks on Sept. 22 and Sept. 27. Muslim extremists have repeatedly threatened...  View Story



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