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  • China
    Pastor Yang Hua Sentenced

    After secretly trying Yang Hua for divulging state secrets,; a judge sentenced the pastor of Living Stone...

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  • Sudan
    Pastor Released

    The Rev. Kuwa Shamal, one of four men detained in Sudan since December 2015, has been released. During a Jan. 2 hearing,...

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  • Pakistan
    Still Waiting

    Asia Bibi and Imran Ghafur have waited for justice for more than seven years. Both are Christians in Pakistan facing life...

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  • Abducted Pastor: No Word

    Security cameras only captured the scuffling feet of at least five men as they pulled Pastor Raymond Koh from his Honda Accord and pushed him into a nearby SUV. The Feb. 13 abduction took less than a...  View Story
  • North Korea: A Seeking Soldier

    A North Korean military official recently defected into South Korea in search of something rare in North Korea – something that validated his Christian faith. While at a resettlement center...  View Story
  • Sudan: Petr Jasek Shares Update

    After spending 445 days imprisoned in Sudan on false charges that included “espionage” and “waging war against the state,” long-time VOM staff member Petr Jasek is finally...  View Story
  • Egypt: 7 Killed, Hundreds Flee

    February was a deadly month for Christians living in Egypt’s North Sinai, as seven Christians were martyred in about a three-week period. While no one has claimed responsibility for the...  View Story
  • Update: Petr Jasek Finally Free

    Czech national and long-time VOM staff member Petr Jasek has been released from prison in Sudan, following a pardon issued by Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir. Petr was arrested by the Islamic...  View Story
  • India: The Bible

    As Christians, we’ve been called to proclaim the gospel know God’s Word. But what about our brothers and sisters around the world who are unable to read the Scriptures? Fortunately, as...  View Story
  • India: Practical Church Planting

    How much does it cost to plant a church in northern India? Depending on the location it could cost a few thousand dollars a month for a rented space in the United States, and hundreds more for...  View Story
  • Kenya: The Night Hindi Changed

    The Christians and Muslims of Hindi had lived side by side for decades in the dusty trading center at the end of a rutted dirt road on Kenya’s coast. Most of the villagers survived through...  View Story
  • Middle East: Terrorist Turns to Jesus

    The woman sought “Samuel” out. Samuel’s team came to the area a couple of times every month to distribute food aid to the thousands of Syrian refugees spread out across...  View Story
  • China: Pastor Yang Hua Sentenced

    After secretly trying Yang Hua for “divulging state secrets,” a judge sentenced the pastor of Living Stone Church on Jan. 5 to two years and six months in prison. Pastor Yang, also known...  View Story
  • Sudan: Pastor Released

    The Rev. Kuwa Shamal, one of four men detained in Sudan since December 2015, has been released. During a Jan. 2 hearing, the judge ruled there was not enough evidence against the pastor. Kuwa, along...  View Story
  • Pakistan: VOM Assists Attack Victim

    A woman who lost her eye during an attack because of her witness has recently received medical care from VOM and is continuing to heal. Josephine Barkat, 22, was attacked in 2012 by the owner of...  View Story
  • Malawi: A Transformation

    Rashid M’Balaka might have been the scariest person in his village in rural Malawi. He abused his wife, “Nora”. His father was an imam (Muslim teacher), and Rashid made a living...  View Story
  • China: Letter from Yang Hua

    What’s it like to hear from your pastor husband, who has spent nearly a year in prison? Pastor Yang Hua was abducted by Chinese police Dec. 9, 2015 and accused of “divulging state...  View Story
  • China: Pastor Yang Released

    After seven years in prison for her faith, a pastor and leader of a large network of Christians in China was released on Oct. 10. Yang Rongli, pastor of a megachurch in the northern province of...  View Story
  • Morocco: Christian Activist Attack

    Mohammed Said Zao, a prominent Christian rights activist in Morocco, survived a knife attack on the evening of Nov. 4. Mohammed has been featured in many televised interviews about comparative...  View Story
  • Mexico: Still No Turning Back

    Eleven Christian families are now reaching out to the Zapatista rebels who evicted them from their homes for choosing to follow Jesus. In February 2016, VOM visited with the families in rural...  View Story
  • India: Equipping the Front-Line

    To do any job effectively, a worker needs the proper tools. For VOM’s front-line workers spreading the gospel in India, these tools include everything from motorcycles to solar-powered...  View Story
  • Myanmar: Charges Cleared

    A front-line worker in Myanmar cried “tears of joy” when he was cleared of human trafficking charges on Oct. 6. In April, the worker known as Brother “Xi” met a widow and her...  View Story
  • China: Joy in Prison

    As the date of her long-anticipated release from prison neared, Cheng Jie wondered whether her young sons would even remember her. She’d spent the last two years at a labor camp in China, and...  View Story
  • Sudan: Four on Trial

    Two pastors, Czech aid worker among four on trial Two pastors and a Czech aid worker are among four people standing trial for “crimes against national security” in Khartoum, Sudan. If...  View Story
  • Philippines: Church Elder Murdered

    Perfecto Padilla, 52, a dedicated church elder from Sultan Kudarat, Philippines, was brutally murdered by two Muslim men on Sept. 11 at 6 p.m. local time. Perfecto was resting outside his house in a...  View Story
  • Uzbekistan: Prisoner Granted Asylum

    Three years ago, Pastor Dmitry Shestakov and his family fled Uzbekistan after he had spent four years in a labor camp and subsequently received numerous death threats. The family’s journey of...  View Story
  • Laos: Multiple Cases

    The Voice of the Martyrs recently received several reports of Christians facing persecution in Laos. In one case, nine Christian families, a total of 38 people, have been fined 800,000 kip ($100 USD)...  View Story
  • Yemen: Hope Amid Chaos

    After more than two years of a brutal civil war, many parts of Yemen have been shattered. Thousands have died and hundreds of thousands are in need of food, clean water and medical care. Numerous...  View Story



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