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  • Sudan
    Pastor Released

    The Rev. Kuwa Shamal, one of four men detained in Sudan since December 2015, has been released. During a Jan. 2 hearing,...

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  • China
    Pastor Yang Hua Sentenced

    After secretly trying Yang Hua for divulging state secrets,; a judge sentenced the pastor of Living Stone...

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  • Sudan
    Petr Jasek Shares Update

    After spending 445 days imprisoned in Sudan on false charges that included espionage and waging war...

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  • Nigeria: Freed Chibok Girls Held

    Elizabeth waited three years for Boko Haram to release her youngest daughter, 20-year-old Mariam. Today, months after Mariam gained her freedom, Elizabeth is still waiting to bring her daughter home....  View Story
  • Kazakhstan: The Power of Letters

    Following his release from a Kazakh prison on June 17, Yuri Pak’s family shared how letters sent to him and fellow prisoner of faith Yklas Kabduakasov changed their quality of life behind bars....  View Story
  • Iran: What Made You Hate Me?

    Eight days after receiving a 15-year prison sentence and nearly a year after he was first detained, Muslim convert to Christianity Amin Afshar Naderi wrote an open letter to Iranian authorities. ...  View Story
  • United States: Dying Boy Gives to VOM

    Fourteen-year-old Philip “Phil” Parks’s life may have been cut short by cancer, but his bold faith  — which only grew stronger as he confronted death — continues to...  View Story
  • Laos: Homeless

    “Aelen” woke up one night to the sounds of someone burning her house down. Thankfully, she was able to grab her baby son and escape. Unfortunately, it was one of many hardships...  View Story
  • Turkey: Daughter Kept from Father

    Byram, a believer in Turkey, has lost most contact with his 9-year-old daughter, who he says has been essentially “kidnapped” from him since he became a Christian. Byram came to the...  View Story
  • Kenya: Life-Altering Service

    On March 24, 2014, the ordinary Sunday morning in Mombasa, Kenya, quickly shifted into a deadly chaos. The day started with prayer and a church service, but it ended with seven dead congregants and...  View Story
  • China: Bible Smugglers Arrested

    In May, several men split into three small groups to cross into mainland China. With bags stuffed with Bibles, they timed their entries 20 minutes apart to increase their odds of getting copies of...  View Story
  • Colombia: Death Threats & Ministry

    Starting a new church from scratch is never easy. But it’s even more difficult when you have to do it amid death threats.Death threats have been a standard part of ministry life for...  View Story
  • Sudan: Released After 17 Months

    After 510 days in prison, Rev. Hassan Abduraheem and Mr. Abdulmonem Abdumawla were released on May 11, 2017, on a presidential pardon. The two were arrested in December 2015 along with VOM field...  View Story
  • North Korea: Orphan Care

    “Han Yong-jo” is not quite an orphan. His North Korean mother was sex-trafficked out of North Korea into China. There, she was married to a Chinese man who paid a fee to her broker....  View Story
  • Laos: Village Bans 6 Families

    In February, leaders of a village in majority Buddhist Laos gave four Hmong Christian families a choice: renounce your faith in Jesus or be banished from the village. The families, totaling 26...  View Story
  • Central Asia: Endless Harassment

    The family huddled at the train station as they tried to sleep on the hard floor. It was their second night sleeping there, because they had nowhere else to go. They were restless among the steady...  View Story
  • Middle East: ISIS Fighter Converts

    “Speak to him strongly and directly; don’t be afraid.” This is what Pastor “Abraham” heard from the Lord before he led a former Muslim extremist to Christ. Abraham had...  View Story
  • China: Jailed Pastor Gravely Ill

    A pastor who has been in prison for the past 16 months was admitted to the hospital last month with a serious medical condition. When Wang Hongwu arrived at the prison on March 20 to visit her...  View Story
  • Iran: The Book on the Train

    My name is “Navid” and I am 28. I have a small shop where I sell goods. Some time ago, I felt lost in life. In this chaos, I wanted to end my life, but I was afraid because the Quran says...  View Story
  • Egypt: Aid to Martyrs' Families

    After seven Christians were martyred during a three-week period in Egypt’s North Sinai Peninsula, nearly 300 families fled the region. The killings, conducted by Wilayat Sinai – the...  View Story
  • LAOS: Man Released from Prison

    VOM recently helped secure the release of “Palani,” a Christian man in Laos – one of seven men imprisoned for following Jesus. The other six men are still continuing their...  View Story
  • Iran: A Simple Phone Call

    Christians living in Iran have few resources in their country to help them grow their faith. In this Muslim-majority country, converts must gather secretly and Christian bookstores don’t...  View Story
  • Abducted Pastor: No Word

    Security cameras only captured the scuffling feet of at least five men as they pulled Pastor Raymond Koh from his Honda Accord and pushed him into a nearby SUV. The Feb. 13 abduction took less than a...  View Story
  • North Korea: A Seeking Soldier

    A North Korean military official recently defected into South Korea in search of something rare in North Korea – something that validated his Christian faith. While at a resettlement center...  View Story
  • Sudan: Petr Jasek Shares Update

    After spending 445 days imprisoned in Sudan on false charges that included “espionage” and “waging war against the state,” long-time VOM staff member Petr Jasek is finally...  View Story
  • Egypt: 7 Killed, Hundreds Flee

    February was a deadly month for Christians living in Egypt’s North Sinai, as seven Christians were martyred in about a three-week period. While no one has claimed responsibility for the...  View Story
  • Update: Petr Jasek Finally Free

    Czech national and long-time VOM staff member Petr Jasek has been released from prison in Sudan, following a pardon issued by Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir. Petr was arrested by the Islamic...  View Story
  • India: The Bible

    As Christians, we’ve been called to proclaim the gospel know God’s Word. But what about our brothers and sisters around the world who are unable to read the Scriptures? Fortunately, as...  View Story



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