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  • Iran
    Confirming the Call

    Christ dramatically changed the life of Hussein, a former Muslim in Iran.

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  • China
    Making Wigs in Prison

    I was in Western China meeting with a Christian leader who was imprisoned for three years...

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  • Pakistan
    Young Believers Killed

    Two young girls became martyrs for Jesus Christ in October 2013, only months after they accepted salvation.

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  • Nigeria: Attacks on the Frontline

    A conference for VOM front-line ministry workers in northern Nigeria was relocated this week amid concerns for the workers and their families. Violence by Islamic extremists, including several...  View Story
  • China: Bearing His Cross

    At least 231 churches in one city in China withstood attacks by government officials last year. The authorities carried out a long-term campaign in which both unregistered churches and the...  View Story
  • USA: Volunteers Save Thousands

    Volunteers saved The Voice of the Martyrs thousands of dollars in man-hours this past year by donating their time to help VOM meet the needs of persecuted Christians. College students, families,...  View Story
  • Vietnam: Call for Help

    Date: December 3, 2014 LETTER OF CALLING FOR HELP My name is Hua Van Tuong. I am a gospel preacher, pastoring for Immanuel Church in Danang city, Vietnam. I would like to present to you one issue as...  View Story
  • Laos: A Decade Later

    In an effort to destroy a new group of Khmu believers, local authorities burned down their church. A decade later, the church members in Laos have refused to let their faith go up in smoke. In 2004,...  View Story
  • Nigeria: Christmas in Maiduguri

    Dozens of children clapped and sang as a Christmas celebration began in a Maiduguri church. Although they were among the thousands of Christians who fled Islamic extremist violence in northern...  View Story
  • Vietnam: Hired Thugs Raid College

    A Ho Chi Minh City Bible school that has often been the target of police activity in recent years was attacked and destroyed for the seventh time on Wednesday, Nov. 12 by hired thugs accompanied by...  View Story
  • Iraq: Church Bells Now Silent

    by Matthea Vrij At least 100,000 Christians fled the Plain of Nineveh last summer. The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group has since invaded northern Iraq and occupies both the churches and homes of...  View Story
  • Laos: No One Here

    Authorities in Laos threatened to both burn down a Christian man’s home and smash him in the head with a hammer, before expelling him from the village. On Jan. 20, 2014, village police told...  View Story
  • Nigeria: Bomb Kills Students

    Forty-eight students were killed and 79 others were seriously injured when a suicide bomber posing as a student detonated an explosive device in Potiskum, Yobe state, Nigeria on Nov. 10. The number...  View Story



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