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  • Allah
    For Use By Muslims Only?

    Are people departing from biblical Christianity when they say that the word "Allah" is not Islamic?

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  • Syria
    I am N

    After stating their names and where they were from, three Assyrian Christians wearing orange jumpsuits were shot...

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  • Vietnam
    Hat on the Box

    He was certain that if he was found with a box of Bibles, he would be taken to prison and perhaps even tortured.

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  • Colombia: Church Growth Forbidden

    A violent guerilla group summoned nine Colombian pastors to attend a July 8 meeting after the pastors refused to pay “protection money” to their group as demanded. On July 7, the National...  View Story
  • Nigeria: Bibles Reach Chibok

    More than two years after extremist group Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls from a school in the town of Chibok in Borno State, Nigeria, VOM continues to serve their families and other persecuted...  View Story
  • Sierra Leone: Proclaim the Gospel

    Christian workers and evangelists are excited about a “very powerful tool” that is helping them share the gospel in remote areas of Sierra Leone. These powerful tools are Proclaimer...  View Story
  • Laos: In Prison for the Gospel

    Authorities in Laos arrested two Hmong Christians seeking permission to share the gospel message. One of the two men, “Visay,” spoke to VOM workers about his arrest shortly after his...  View Story
  • Colombia: Pesos for Protection

    Nine churches in Colombia were given until June 14 to come up with $2 million pesos each for “protection money” from the violent guerilla group that controls the area. This week,...  View Story
  • India: Early Birth After Attack

    A young woman required an emergency C-section after an April 15 attack by Hindu radicals on the Full Gospel Church. As believers worshipped that evening, members of the Bhagath Singh group rushed...  View Story
  • North Korea: Pastor Killed

    VOM partner Pastor Han Chung-Ryeol, 49, was brutally murdered on Saturday, April 30, in Changbai, China. Born in China, he pastored a Three-Self Church near the North Korean border and helped...  View Story
  • Uzbekistan: Parole Will Not Happen

    Uzbek prisoner Tohar Haydarov was given the disappointing news that a mid-year parole from prison “will not happen.” Fellow Christians say that the 33-year-old convert from Islam to...  View Story
  • Uganda: Despised by Her Family

    Every shilling Grace had went to pay for her son’s hospitalization. Since most hospitals in Uganda demand payment up front, she sold her very last cow. Then, her son died. Immediately, her...  View Story
  • Pakistan: Don’t Forget Imran!

    Pakistani Christian in Prison for Life Because of His Faith Imran Ghafur is now more than six years into a life sentence in prison for his Christian faith, and no judge or attorney is willing to hear...  View Story



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