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  • Wurmbrand
    Give Your Anxiety to God

    "If you are mixed-up, messed-up, tied-up -- remedy give up and you'll be fixed up."

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  • Pakistan
    Young Believers Killed

    Two young girls became martyrs for Jesus Christ in October 2013, only months after they accepted salvation.

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  • China
    Making Wigs in Prison

    I was in Western China meeting with a Christian leader who was imprisoned for three years...

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  • India: Mob Attacks Pastors

    Though a small house church in India had previously received warnings from Hindu extremists, a recent attack on two church leaders was surprising. As the church met on Sunday, March 15, radicals from...  View Story
  • Kenya: A Somber Easter

    Easter Celebrations in Kenya Take on Somber Tone The day before nearly 80 percent of Kenya’s 44 million residents remembered the death of Jesus on Good Friday, four militant Muslim gunmen...  View Story
  • Libya: "Their God Is My God"

    Following the martyrdom of Coptic Christian men by Libyan Islamic State (IS) militants in February 2015, the names of 21 of the martyrs were widely shared. The martyrs were kidnapped from Sirte,...  View Story
  • India: Fined for Sharing Faith

    While at home in early February, “Vijay” received a call from the police. After six Muslim men recently beat him and a friend after a follow-up meeting with a new Christian, angry men...  View Story
  • Algeria: Caught Carrying Bibles

    Two Christians from Tiaret, Algeria, who were detained on March 16 for transporting Bibles, now face legal charges. A 33-year-old pastor and a member of his church were stopped by police and arrested...  View Story
  • Tanzania: Church Land Dispute

    An evangelical church in Western Zanzibar purchased a house in 2000, originally to secure property for a church site. Eventually, Muslim neighbors complained to government, requesting it remove...  View Story
  • Egypt: True to Their Faith

    “If they want all three of our kids,” said Tawadros’ widow, Malaka, “it isn’t too much [to give] for Christ.” Malaka and her three children are among the families...  View Story
  • Libya: Constant State of Fear

    Imagine living in such a constant state of fear that you’re scared to even leave your house. That’s the reality for a growing number of Egyptian Christians living in Libya. Ever since...  View Story
  • Pakistan: Two Churches Bombed

    Suicide bombers attacked two churches as parishioners worshiped Sunday morning, March 15, in east Lahore, Pakistan, killing at least 17 people and wounding 78 others. A spokesman for the Pakistani...  View Story
  • China: Illegal Children's Books

    Four on Trial in Connection with Illegal Kindergarten Curriculum A house church in China is in trouble for publishing kindergarten materials for a school it founded, and authorities have...  View Story



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