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  • China
    Making Wigs in Prison

    I was in Western China meeting with a Christian leader who was imprisoned for three years...

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  • Wurmbrand
    Give Your Anxiety to God

    "If you are mixed-up, messed-up, tied-up -- remedy give up and you'll be fixed up."

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  • Pakistan
    Young Believers Killed

    Two young girls became martyrs for Jesus Christ in October 2013, only months after they accepted salvation.

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  • Egypt: True to Their Faith

    “If they want all three of our kids,” said Tawadros’ widow, Malaka, “it isn’t too much [to give] for Christ.” Malaka and her three children are among the families...  View Story
  • Libya: Constant State of Fear

    Imagine living in such a constant state of fear that you’re scared to even leave your house. That’s the reality for a growing number of Egyptian Christians living in Libya. Ever since...  View Story
  • Pakistan: Two Churches Bombed

    Suicide bombers attacked two churches as parishioners worshiped Sunday morning, March 15, in east Lahore, Pakistan, killing at least 17 people and wounding 78 others. A spokesman for the Pakistani...  View Story
  • China: Illegal Children's Books

    Four on Trial in Connection with Illegal Kindergarten Curriculum A house church in China is in trouble for publishing kindergarten materials for a school it founded, and authorities have...  View Story
  • India: Celebrating a Bold Faith

    A widow in India is being remembered following her death from a heart attack for her bold faith — a faith that led her to help numerous women in jail — including one of her guards —...  View Story
  • Laos: Prayer Is a Crime

    Five Christian leaders in Laos were charged with medical malpractice after praying for a sick woman who later died. The Christians were ordered to serve nine months in prison and pay a fine for...  View Story
  • Niger: God Found Us Worthy

    After more than 45 churches, homes and other Christian property were looted and burned down by Islamic protestors in response to the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, Nigerien Christians still came...  View Story
  • Wurmbrand: Give Your Anxiety to God

    Pastor Richard Wurmbrand—the founder of The Voice of the Martyrs—had a way with words. In several countries around the world, I’ve met people who, usually with a gleam in their eye,...  View Story
  • Cuba: Persecution a Reality

    Persecution in Cuba Still a Reality Although recent reports seem to indicate many improvements for those living in Cuba, its government still severely restricts the freedom of its people, including...  View Story
  • Uganda: Girl Beaten and Disowned

    “I don’t want to know any matter concerning her, because she confessed Christ…” The adoptive father of teenage girl in rural Uganda dropped her off at a local church...  View Story



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