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  • China
    Making Wigs in Prison

    I was in Western China meeting with a Christian leader who was imprisoned for three years...

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  • Iran
    Confirming the Call

    Christ dramatically changed the life of Hussein, a former Muslim in Iran.

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  • Pakistan
    Young Believers Killed

    Two young girls became martyrs for Jesus Christ in October 2013, only months after they accepted salvation.

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  • Sri Lanka: You Don't Belong Here

    A pastor and his family were attacked in their home by a village mob while they waited for police to show up for a prearranged meeting. The family had filed a complaint with police after four...  View Story
  • Sudan: Meriam Ibrahim Rearrested

    UPDATE: Meriam Ibrahim remains at the U.S. embassy in Khartoum and her exit from Sudan is in process. Meriam Ibrahim, the 27-year-old Christian woman who was sentenced to death for apostasy and then...  View Story
  • Sudan: Meriam Ibrahim Released!

    Meriam Ibrahim, the 27-year-old Christian woman who was sentenced to death by hanging for apostasy, was released prison and sent to a safe house on Monday, June 23. According to her lawyer, Mohamed...  View Story
  • Nigeria: Boko Haram Kill 17 Kids

    More Attacks in Gwoza Target “Radicals for Jesus” Dozens of Christians in the village of Attagara, Nigeria, were killed in two separate attacks carried out by Boko Haram militants on June...  View Story
  • Uganda: Recovery from Acid Attack

    In a much-awaited homecoming celebration on May 25, Pastor Umar Mulinde was welcomed by his wife, six children, and church in Kampala, Uganda. The pastor and his church members celebrated the victory...  View Story
  • North Korea: The Songbun Files

    The North Korean government keeps files on all of its citizens. The files follow them throughout their lives, noting any details of interest, including details of the family’s connections since...  View Story
  • Worldwide: 2014 Global Report

    The 2014 Global Report will give you information to help you pray for our persecuted family in restricted, hostile and monitored nations. However you use your Global Report, we hope it inspires you...  View Story
  • Sudan: Woman Sentenced to Death

    Wife of U.S. Citizen to Be Hanged for Apostasy The birth of a healthy baby girl is usually a joyous occasion. But when Meriam Ibrahim gave birth to her daughter, Maya, on Tuesday, May 27,...  View Story
  • Sierra Leone: "We Won't Leave Christ"

    Two Christian villages in northern Sierra Leone were burned down recently, shortly after most of the villagers became believers as a result of VOM-supported front-line workers. In late April, a VOM...  View Story
  • China: Provision and Prayer

    The wife of a man in prison for his work at a Christian bookstore told VOM partners that although she and her children miss their husband and father, she and her family haven’t needed anything...  View Story



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